NYC: Places to gig?

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  1. silverwater

    Anyone have some recommendations for some places in New York to gig? (Jersey and Long Island too). I know there are quite a few people New York who use this forum, so I figure this is a relevant place to post this...

    I've been in New York for close to 2 years, and I've met and played with a lot of other musicians, but the gigs have been too few and far between because I've been sitting here waiting for them to come to me. So I'm about to go on a booking blitzkrieg, and compiling a massive list of places in the area that host jazz bands which I can hopefully annoy enough into letting me play there. Cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants, hot dog stands, homeless shelters, whatever...I'm not talking about the Vanguard or the Iridium here, I'm talking about places that would actually book me ;-)

    Basically I'm playing with 3 different groups right now: one is a standards thing, another more modern/experimental sounding with originals, and the other plays more groove/backbeat-oriented stuff a la Stern or Sco from the 80's (I just call it Loud Jazz). So there's some adaptability here.

    Many thanks for any good leads.

  2. JorgeRubiales

    Hey silverwater! Same thing here (lower level, but searching gigs in Spain).

    My advice is to carry some cd's with a recording from a rehearsal or a previous gig. It helps a lot to get booked if the owner can hear what you're offering.

  3. Colonel Trane

    +a million to jorge's comment


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