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  1. sweetdeat

    I'm flying up to hang with some friends and play a couple of gigs in August (17th at Somethin' Jazz Cafe and 18th at Garage)...and maybe a few more if they come through.

    Anyway, I thought I'd ask Kurt or any other NYC residents what sessions do you enjoy and what nights (if they have multiple nights like Smalls) do you choose to go to them...

    Last time I was in town I hit Smalls on a Monday night and sat in and had a great time...


  2. sweetdeat

    Not to mention a positive remark about a session feels like a right thing to post... :)

  3. sweetdeat

    ...additionally I recently heard Orin Evans hosts one at the Zinc bar (i think)....I heard that was killin'.

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  4. sza

    Yeah, Zinc is cool, tuesday nights is the jam. sign in, but chances to play there are not that high, but it is worth checking , sometimes u can catch robert glasper hittin it hard on the rhodes.
    Smalls best night IMO r monday and sat, Fatcat could be a bit frustrating sometimes, when people r not respecting the music , including the people who sit in the jam, and some nights the hosts r vibing hard (not mentioning any particular incident..) but thur and sat night r ok.
    Cleopatra's needle in the upper west is good for a weekday night, as it starts pretty early.
    in Brooklyn u got the fifth estate on tue, and tea lounge on wed. both r ok, though it could be a bit too organized..
    have fun

  5. silverwater

    I'm in the house band that hosts an open jam session in Brooklyn on Monday nights. We play from 8:00-10:45ish. The place is usually dead and half the time no one even shows up to sit in (we only started it a few months ago and the only advertisement is written on the sign out front), but the guys the organizer of the thing gets to come out to be in the house band are usually pretty damn good, so I always have a good time.

    So if you're in Brooklyn on a Monday night and feel like hanging and doing some playing in a relaxed environment, come on down. Just let me know beforehand if you are planning to come, it seems to get canceled once every 6 weeks or so for various reasons.

  6. TruthHertz
    Friendly- it's one John Stowell does when he's in town.

  7. sweetdeat

    Cool fellas thanks for the input. I went to the Monday night at Smalls and met and played with some good sounding musicians...and I went to a place called Bluebird? in Queens on a Sunday night maybe? It was only a few months ago and I can't remember. Gary Versace showed up for that one.


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