(nyc)used van eps harmonic mechanisms... (all 3)

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  1. i stopped in at the used bookstore on st.mark's between and and !st ave . they got some cool new things . among them, all 3 van eps. didnt see the price, but they also just got "counterpoint in the style of js bach " which can be 40 is and even 90 ish - for 29.

  2. JorgeRubiales

    If I were nearby I'll take those four home...

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  3. ... its funny this used bookstore is helping me slowly rebuild the books i had back home that i couldnt bring...just picked up modern progressions again!

  4. Matt

    yeah floatingbridge i thought i remember you saying somewhere you're studying at the new school?

  5. no no. not me. just books and private lessons.




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