Old Wise Tale - changes?

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  1. silverwater

    Has anyone else worked at transcribing Mike Moreno's tune "Old Wise Tale"? Here's what I got for the changes during the intro, someone tell me if they hear something different:

    | Emaj7/A# | D7#9b13/F# | | Gbmaj7/Bb |

    |Dmaj7/G# | | Bm7 | |

    | Gmaj7#11 | Bb7#9 | Dmaj7/E | Cbmaj#11 |

    | E-sus4 | | Dmaj7 | F#7b13/D |

    I'm hearing those changes on the rest of the tune as well, although I haven't checked to if the bass is playing all those slash chords throughout. The tune (and Moreno) seems to be using a lot of B Mel. Min...When the band kicks in that first Dmaj7 chord is probably a maj7+, and the B-7 probably a -maj7 (although I'm pretty sure I heard A nat. in the intro).

    On the F#7b13/D Moreno seems to be using mix b6. I was unsure about how to label this chord, but I was pushed towards F#7 and not Dmaj7+5 when his opening line had the typical bebop chromatic approach from the root to the b7.

    Also at the end of the intro (when the piano starts playing time), I've got 3 bars of 4/4 and then one bar of 3/4 right before the top. This seems strange to me because that 3/4 never comes back, which makes me think I've got it wrong, although I listened to it over and over.

    Really beautiful tune. I know there are plenty of Moreno fans on this forum, so I'm guessing I wouldn't be the only one interested in this tune.

  2. silverwater

    Formatting issues of course...

    Just to clarifiy, I wanted to the D7#9b13, Dmaj7/G#, Bm7, and the E-sus4 to each be 2 bars.

  3. jazzacast55

    Are you voicing these chords as inversions, like Emaj7 with A# in the bass or are you playing them as regular voicings and the bass taking the bass note? Just curious.

  4. silverwater

    Those are the inversions Moreno is playing for the intro, when it's just him and the sax...I'm quite sure I've got the same voicings he's using since there's nothing else going on at the time to muddy the waters. I could write them out if some other people are interested and I have the time....

    I still need to check what the bass player does when the whole band is in.



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