"One Electronic Device"

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  1. Anny Mouse

    Kurt, in your video from D.C. (back in 2005 I believe) you said you were about to unveil a single pedal that would do all you wanted. Something that would replace the "space shuttle". Did you ever find such pedal?

    Anyone else know what Kurt may have had up his sleeve? I was thinking maybe the TC Nova System or something but that's probably not good enough.

  2. jbroad

    the only thing that would fit that bill is the fractal axe fx ultra. it is an amazing piece of gear. fractal just came out with the axe fx II last month:


  3. jorgemg1984

    I have read here in the forum that Kurt has a Nova System, I think it would be a good solution for him but he cares so much about controlling all the details of his sound that I don't think he is leaving all his boutique pedals and Lehle mixers. Isn't the Axe Fx modelling? Do you think he would go that route?

  4. JorgeRubiales

    Well, maybe just one lehle to put the nova in the loop...if he likes the effects. But I don't know, really, just guessing.

  5. Anny Mouse

    My bad guys, wasn't from DC 2005 vid, but rather his Village Vanguard video from 08 off his artistshare page. Good thoughts though!

  6. allbattery82

    Well I am not quite sure about that.


  7. Matt

    we all know that kurt's pedalboard was assembled using silicon and gold wires made of metals taken from ancient aztec civilizations when aliens visited them that we were then crafted in a different universe and delivered to him in the past ten years.


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