Original tunes by forum members?

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  1. hoops

    Hey guys, wanting to hear some original tunes by other forum members. I feel like said tunes would be amazing given how many musically intelligent people post here.
    Here's one of mine. It has a hip hop vibe. Needs vocals during the walking bass / verse section. Longer solo is about 3 minutes in.
    Comments or criticism welcome. Enjoy.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. jimjazz

    I really like the groove, sound and playing on your tune, Hoops!

    Here's a little from me.. taken from a rehearsal so a little rough, guitar solo is about 5 mins in if the vibes a little slow for tastes. Inspired by irregular sleep patterns. A free thing, inspired by family gatherings!

  3. arewolfe

    I feel good about some of my originals, much better than I do about my actual playing. Here's one called Louisville.


    Also here is a recording of me doing Nancy With The Laughing Face as a walking chord solo (inspired by Kurt's technique on "These Foolish Things" at the NGW clinic).


  4. hoops

    Stuff sounds great dudes. Good tone and articulation from both you guys.

  5. animitta

    Something we were experimenting in an improvisational laboratory (about not idiomatic music) during a public performance:

    Nothing was decide before we played that, at least, not the exact "form".

    All the best

  6. This is a very poor lo-fi draft of a tune and my first attempt at GarageBand . Backing tracks out my phone, me playing guitar live out another amp at a little house party . It was difficult for me to get creating transitions to line up and/or not eat away at existing portions that were fine... Enough excuses:

    A duo set at Zebulon of improvised music with Daniel Carter on trumpet, tenor,soprano& alto saxes:

  7. Eduardo

    Great proposal!
    Is in section " autorais "
    Just acoustic guitar.
    Hope you enjoy and feel.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  8. mikelorenz

    I released a record just over a year ago of my original music. It's on BandCamp if anyone wants to check it out!


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