Original tunes by forum members?

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  1. hoops

    Hey guys, wanting to hear some original tunes by other forum members. I feel like said tunes would be amazing given how many musically intelligent people post here.
    Here's one of mine. It has a hip hop vibe. Needs vocals during the walking bass / verse section. Longer solo is about 3 minutes in.
    Comments or criticism welcome. Enjoy.

  2. jimjazz

    I really like the groove, sound and playing on your tune, Hoops!

    Here's a little from me..

    https://soundcloud.com/james-r-b-faulkner/part-time-insomniac taken from a rehearsal so a little rough, guitar solo is about 5 mins in if the vibes a little slow for tastes. Inspired by irregular sleep patterns.

    https://soundcloud.com/james-r-b-faulkner/headaches A free thing, inspired by family gatherings!

  3. arewolfe

    I feel good about some of my originals, much better than I do about my actual playing. Here's one called Louisville.

    Louisville: https://soundcloud.com/rwolfe/lou

    Also here is a recording of me doing Nancy With The Laughing Face as a walking chord solo (inspired by Kurt's technique on "These Foolish Things" at the NGW clinic).

    Nancy: https://soundcloud.com/rwolfe/nancy-with-the-laughing-face

  4. hoops

    Stuff sounds great dudes. Good tone and articulation from both you guys.

  5. animitta

    Something we were experimenting in an improvisational laboratory (about not idiomatic music) during a public performance:



    Nothing was decide before we played that, at least, not the exact "form".

    All the best

  6. This is a very poor lo-fi draft of a tune and my first attempt at GarageBand . Backing tracks out my phone, me playing guitar live out another amp at a little house party . It was difficult for me to get creating transitions to line up and/or not eat away at existing portions that were fine... Enough excuses:


    A duo set at Zebulon of improvised music with Daniel Carter on trumpet, tenor,soprano& alto saxes:


  7. Eduardo

    Great proposal!
    Is in section " autorais "
    Just acoustic guitar.
    Hope you enjoy and feel.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  8. mikelorenz

    I released a record just over a year ago of my original music. It's on BandCamp if anyone wants to check it out!



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