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  1. sweetdeat

  2. Between : here, Facebook , YouTube , ( most recently ) the 'do the math' blog I'm finding myself using the phone and Internet to depressing and unhealthy levels. So , I'm going to make an effort to minimize my presence and use of these things even though I enjoy this forum.
    I used to like the old holdsworth forum and found it very inspiring and informative (... And full of ridiculous fights and debate ).

  3. Matt

    i like train forums and any related topics. like freight trains.

  4. jorgemg1984

    I really like the aaj foruns (although I don't go there much) and the jazzguitar.be gear forum (which I go a lot)

  5. My son is obsessed with all vehicles ... I have youtubes those bnsf train videos sooooo many times.

  6. jorgemg1984

    I like the guitar amps and guizmos, lots of good gear information.

  7. fakejake

    The past 1.5 years I spend major time hanging out at the Les Paul fourm. Lots of die-hard Gibson fans there discussing and showing off theis gorgeous vintage and modern guitars. I learned to tell year and make of almost any Gibson electric from a picture or two, plus I got huge GAS for vintage ES -series guitars.

  8. Forgot to mention, Ted greene's site has TONS of information .... Very generous. The forum isn't too exciting though.

  9. geetarted

    With D'Angelo back in the mix, the Tour managers blog is a nice "insiders" scoop on the how it's going. http://theadventuresofgoodtimegirl.blogspot.ca/?zx=92dbcd3137d84227

    The link below has good info on gear. Also a forum about Mike Landau too. Considering the amount of hours he has spent in the best studios in the world and his tone alone, it's a good place to find alternatives about pedals,amps,speakers etc.


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