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  1. Sandemose

    Hey, just downloaded the album. Im stoked. Im gonna listen as soon as I can. Anyone up for a chat tonight to celebrate the release of the record?

    Best, Sandemose

  2. balowski

    Hey Sandemose,

    What program do you use to chat?

    We still need to talk about the best way to send you the workshop.


  3. Sandemose

    http://www.chatzy.com/792517624070 (password: smallsgig)

    This is the chat we use when watching streaming gigs at Smalls. Lets not make set any time for when to get there, I will be there around 12 o clock in the night west eastern time (about 0600 o clock in the evening U.S eastern time). Hope to see you guys there. This calls for a celebration..! :)

    By the way: Ive listened through the album...its so awesome. Fantastic production, the instruments are so well balanced. This recording would be awesome to hear in a super sound system. The presence is intense. Thanks Kurt, Anders and all you other who made this possible. OJM sounds absolutly killer...

    Best, Sandemose

  4. animitta

    I think it's a GREAT release. Great music, Great performance, Great Sound.
    Something about this kind of arrangements reminds me the Sketches of Spain session with MilesDavis. I am not saying that this is similar, just there is something that reminds me that session, maybe from the way the band is arranged. Just my humble opinion.

    Amazing music Kurt. You did it again : )


    All the Best

  5. Sandemose

    Thanks everyone who came to the "party" this night. I had an awesome time, great anecdotes, discussions and conversastions. Thanks again everyone, see you next time on the chat!

    Best and warmest regards,


  6. guitarmo

    Awesome party indeed!

    Magical rainbow ponies
  7. Redbeard

    Sorry I missed the party. Guess I'm about a day behind you guys. Just got through my initial listen to the CD:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just fuckin' WOW.

    I know I'm biased, but this sounds like an instant classic to me. At the very least, a gamechanger. Every song sounds bigger, hipper, fresher, more profound than ever. The juxtaposition of rigid (not to say traditional) orchestration with Kurt's improvisational muse was a sensational experiment -- I'm grinning from ear to ear as I hit the 'repeat' button. What I wouldn't give to be in NYC this week for the live kickoff.

    BRAVO to OJM and the entire Rosenwinkel team. You deserve every accolade that's sure to come.

  8. Can't wait to check the mail tomorrow!

  9. Yeah, Kurt's intro on Zhivago is breathtaking; I have listened to it like literally 12 times today, I can't believe how Kurt has refined his sound over the last couple years. Everything is just so.

  10. sortell

    Just finishing listening to the CD. It is remarkable work indeed. Kudos to the arrangers as well. This is my first time hearing their work.
    I did a search on Googles and found the orchestra's website. (http://www.ojm.pt/gca/?id=2 )

    It will be interesting to actually see the scores. Congrats to Kurt and OJM orchestra.

  11. jsunshine


  12. c0ltrane

    Can't wait for the show Friday night. I told myself I would wait to buy the CD at Iridium but I had to cheat and buy it through itunes. I'm definitely getting the hard copy too.

    I think the big band support behind Kurt inspired him to reach some great heights during his solos .

  13. c0ltrane

    Am I the only one who hears a little skip at exactly 4 minutes of our secret world? Maybe something went wrong during my download.

  14. Benny

    I decided to go for the physical CD. Wish the CD purchase also gave you the download links, ala Artistshare.

  15. Pascau

    @ c0ltrane : try re downloading them. I clicked to dl the songs all at once, and ended up with corrupt files that would cut out halfway through. Re dl'd them one at a time and it was fine.

    As far the album, all I can say is it's DOPE.

  16. c0ltrane

    Thanks for the info Pascau.

    Path of the Heart - anyone else feel a real SCHOENBERG-ish vibe from about 7:30 - 8:30 ?? Badass.

  17. I wholeheartedly agree with Benny; I loved that about buying The Remedy.

  18. mrzzajjazz

    I will just join in in the praising of this great album! Fantastic playing and production!

  19. Kapteinar

    Man, this album is so hip I instantly grew a 'stache listening to it.

  20. Hope the album is better than the sets I saw at the iridium. The drummer was young and could barely hang on during zhivago. Plus the band was facing where there was no audience. I didn't like the room. It was rough.
    Kurt was ridiculously amazing though. The band was rough. Nick marchione was on lead trpt. It was a bummer cause the rest of the band was rough.

  21. Quintricacy

    So I finally got to listen to the album! Over all I think it's a great album but there were a few disappointments for me. I was really looking forward to seeing what they were going to do with Turns but they didn't really do too much to it, and I'm not a big fan of the modal interludes before they go into the form in the solos. Also I'm not sure about having Our Secret World and The Cloister after each other. Sure, the atmospheres are quite different but the tempo is almost exactly the same between them. The highlight of the whole album for me is Zhivago, who ever arranged that one did an amazing job, the whole section after Kurt's solo is very clever and with the shifts in tempo and the 4 way soli stuff with Kurt, it really took me by surprise. But with that being said, Kurt's playing on this is outstanding and over all the arrangements and the execution of them by OJM is fantastic. It will definitely be in heavy rotation for the next while.


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