Pad Sounds In Heartcore?

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  1. pedro1er

    hello im just wondering what the synth pad sounds in heartcore are i'm usually an anti pad sort of guy but i really like the sound in heartcore and would like to know what it is. i'm assuming its rosenwinkel on a keyboard because I've heard other artists where he is a sideman and its present (namely barney mcall in tracks like venus as a boy) just to avoid confusion (because there are many sounds that could be considered pads in that album) it sounds a lot like strings and can be heard on tracks: your vision, dream/memory and about 3 and a half minutes into thought about you (really subtly) and about six minutes into dcba//>> during a sax solo. theres also strings in love in the modern world though they sound alot more like real strings even if there are no string players credited in the album notes (sample perhaps?)
    anyway i hope someone can tell me what they are as ive been racking my brains trying to figure it out



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