Passing Chords / Reharmonizations

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  1. Chris

  2. Chris

    Kurt could you describe some of your techniques for using passing chords in standards..

    Your truly a mad scientist.. can't wait for a solo cd..


  3. JorgeRubiales

    Well, any dominant seventh chord can have its relative II before, so whenever we see e.g. |G7| we can play |Dm7 G7|

    As we know, secondary dominants are dominants outside of the key that go to a chord other than the I. So, before any chord, we can put its relative V. Again, in the G7 example: |G7| can become |D7 G7|. Or, we could use the secondary dominant over the relative II of the dominant chord, giving: |A7 Dm7 G7/ |

    All of this is basic, but if we see the notes in a staff we can start to see patterns, and use them to our advantage. Basically, passing chords will be the departure chord or the arrival chord but with some voices displaced, as appogiaturas, passing notes... or we can change a chord by itself to make the substitution less obvious. The most common is the tritonal substitute, e.g. changing G7 for Db7, the tritone is the same, the other two notes are displaced (Db instead of D, Ab instead of G).

  4. Chris


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