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  1. guitar1025

    I agree. The info is cool but I would lose the tab.

    If you're handy with Finale/Sibelius it would just be a matter of plugging the stuff into there and then using some sort of program (I use snipping tool) to take pictures of what you've written.

  2. gleepglop

    What's a passing tone? It connects two stable tones. For jazz, most of the time this means any two chord tones, or in the case of a chromatic passing tone any two chord tones or extensions a whole step apart.
    C13 = C E G Bb D A

    Whole steps (passing tone):
    C D (C C# D)
    D E ( D Eb E)
    G A (G G# A)
    Bb C (Bb B C)

    Passing tones can be accented or unaccented, on the beat or off . . . as long as it's musical.



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