Pat Metheny Guitar Etudes Songbook

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  1. yaclaus

    Pat is releasing a "warm-ups" book. It´s not yet ready in stores, but you can pre-order it.

    If you buy it, you can write your experience with it here.

    PS: I don´t know if this book mania is healthý. One could transcribe his warm-ups that are on youtube. I am however a sucker for books :)

  2. patfarlow

    i just bought it and used thw 50% of any other book to get the bright sized life transcriptions......i love that cd

  3. jazznan

    I'm really curious about this book....can someone post if it's any good and a description of what' in it? Thanks

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  4. JorgeRubiales

    Well, it's 14 etudes. My guess is they're for both hands, and a great warmup routine, and general technique routine too (metheny is known to warmup A LOT before a concert, so this may be it).

    But I don't know, the price seems just a tiny little high for what is it, and probably will rise after the pre-order dates.

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  5. patfarlow

    heres one od my warmups
    lately ive been doing 1,2,3,5 1,2,3,5 1 then coming back down backwards

    then the same with minor, aug, and diminished

  6. patfarlow

    you can preview the first etude on amazon now

  7. guitar

    This looks really great

  8. patfarlow

    I just got in the mail. I like it alot, has some obvious patterns (thirds) and some really pretty etude like patterns ive never done. it also has TAB with some different fingerings then i would use which is cool. I recommend it. There are no chords symbols, but its not hard to figure out G, C, E, G is a 5R35 pattern. Good book.

  9. JFB



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