Pat Metheny/Julian Lage triad picking

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  1. cruxtable

    There's a couple videos/songs now where I've heard picking of open triads in triplets, and I'm trying to figure out how to do it cleanly and quickly in the right hand. Here are the clips: (can also be heard in actual recordings - it starts with four picks per chord - ex 1-3-5-3 and then he goes to do 3 per chord) (this clip of metheny blows my mind- just constant 3 note arpeggios of open triads)

    I can't tell how either of them picking, but I've tried both of these ways, neither of which seemed to be easier than the other:

    strict alternate picking - so lets say going from G to G/B - strings 6-5-3 to 5-4-2 - you would pick DUD UDU and do that for any set of triads

    down up-down - alternate picking, but starting each set of three notes on a downstroke - so just DUD DUD DUD etc. This seems easier to pick accurately and hit the strings consistently but harder to play fast and evenly.

    Can anybody shed light on what would be the best way, or can you tell how these guys like Metheny/Lage are doing it?


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  2. wilmore

    i recently got the metheny warm up book and it has a lot of spread triad exercises. in one of them he picks down down up for all triads but all the shapes are two adjacent strings for the two down strokes and a string skip for the up stroke. it would work for your g to g/b shapes. i like to practice spread triads through the circle of 4th's using strict alternate picking and staying in one position.

  3. Matt

    DDU and UUD all the way

  4. jorgemg1984

    The funny thing is Metheny says he hates his right hand technique!

  5. cruxtable

    that's good to know, i didn't even think of that book..maybe I should pick it up

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  6. bingefeller

    I found an online transcription featuring some of the Metheny clinic.


  7. patfarlow

    julian lage uses these picks

  8. jorgemg1984

    They HAVE to be good at that price... does anyone know what picks Lage Lund use? Sounds like Pro Plec to me.


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