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  1. Matt

    i'm thinking specifically of his trios with lovano and frisell. anyone know what pedals frisell is using? is it just the green line 6 delay, and he samples little bits through that?

    also, has anyone tried replicating their concept in terms of time? many of Motian's tunes are so beautiful but i've never been sure how to write them out or even describe to a group how to play them! any thoughts?

  2. Bill Frisell is my favorite player on the planet. His touch, feel and music just speak to me.
    Bill didn't start using the Line-6 till 2000 or 2001. Before that he used the Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Delay and then the DigiTech PDS-8000 for his loopng needs. The early years Bill had a couple of Boss delay (dd3 & dd4) pedals modded by Robert Keeley. He also had/used a Lexicon mpx-100 for reverb. Anymore he uses the TC Electronics Hall of Fame or the Strymon Flint. His distorted moments was either his Rat or Tube Screamer according to how he felt.

    I think that group played on top of time or above it rather than in it if that makes sense. Paul was a musical Genius in my opinion.

    look at this.

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  3. Matt

    wow, awesome info. glad to hear another Frisell nerd on the forum!

    i havent really thought about their time in that way; i think saying above or around makes sense to some degree. there's definitely a sense of pulse to their music, but it's clearly not a 1-2-3-4, etc type deal. i'm specifically thinking of later recordings ("i have the room above her" etc). their off broadway/monk in motian/etc recordings definitely have a strong time to them.

  4. kurtisrosenwinkel

    this first song is 4/4. and amazing. I'm so fortunate to have heard them play many times... and to have played with Paul for 10 years... this is a great clip...

  5. kurtisrosenwinkel

    heres an example of one of Pauls charts:

  6. Thank you for the chart Kurt. It's cool to see that.
    Do you have any memorable Stories about playing with Paul that you wouldn't mind sharing? I'm curious what it was like the first time you got to play with him. I've always heard he was an embracing kind of character. Have you ever had the chance to meet or play with Bill?

  7. jazznan

    Thanks Kurt and everyone for the sharing, love it! I just love those words: "played freely", "not in strict time" simple so difficult, so great, true artists by doing, transforming simple into profound, deep or "Deep Song", another great description of the intangible, yes!


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