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  1. schwa

    Hey all. I'm new here, and it seems like there's some good information to be found.
    I've been content with the guitar>delay>polytone setup for a while, but I think that the "clean" sound in my head has a little more sustain and grit than the clean on my polytone.
    So: I'm looking for a good always-on, transparent distortion/ OD pedal that I could push into a smooth overdrive sound with a clean boost. Something to add a little color and meat to the sound. I know that Mike Moreno uses a Klon, but that's outside my price range. I have my eye on the Timmy, the Barber LTD, and the Rockett Allan Holdsworth. Any other suggestions?
    I'm also looking for a good reverb pedal.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. Consider using an eq.
    I found an mxr 6 band and it did what was looking for ( which sounds similar to what you're talking about).
    If you have a volume pedal , I'd also consider putting it between eq and amp in the chain, as there tends to be some hiss from the eq being somewhat ' alive '- the volume pedal allows you to roll off when you want the silence.
    I hope this is useful if it is the kind of gain or boost you are looking for . Hopefully you could borrow it and check it out first.
    Good luck .

  3. For cheap,
    Guyatone was cheap last I purchased (... For reverb ).

  4. schwa

    It isn't just a boost I'm interested in-- I have a Fulltone FatBoost that does that very well. I want something to add a little texture to the amp, and a little sustain and grit.

  5. schwa

    I would be interested in trying an Eq, though.

  6. aramaya

    I like the mxr 10 band eq as well. also, check out the joe meek floorq. It adds
    a really interesting texture that is gritty. it boosts your signal whether the pedal
    is turned on or not, kind of like how the moog pedals put a little extra signal on as well
    even when turned off.

    I really like the tc nova delay and reverb. check that out as well. it puts some of the
    mids and lows back in the signal, rather then stripping them like many
    delay pedals do. make sure you check out the nova pedals not the cheaper
    HOF reverb or flashback delay, they sound different.

  7. jorgemg1984

    I don't think eq pedals will achieve that sound... maybe a RAT at low gain low filter settings?

    There are plenty of reverb pedals out there, for the price the TC HOF is a great option.

  8. aramaya

    yeah, my post came off different than what I meant. the TC HOF sounds good as well,
    I just think it colors the sound more than the Nova Reverb. Also,
    you can get a Nova reverb for about $125 on ebay or elsewhere, as they have
    been discontinued recently.

  9. I can build you a Klon(e) for under $200.


  10. Chris

    If your looking for a booster, the RC Booster from xotic fx is great and moreno uses it.

    If your looking for distortion the BB Pre Amp or the Maxon SD-9 are both amazing pedals.

    The Empress Para EQ is also good and has a boost as well.

    The Blue Sky Reverb is probably my next pedal to purchase. Sounds nice..

    What are you using for delay and reverb?

  11. schwa

    Ben, does the BB Preamp sound good through solid state amps? And I have a booster. I use a Fulltone FatBoost. Boosts are definitely a great tool. As for delay, I have a Boss DD3. No reverb at the moment.
    Jorge, I always thought of the Rat as a pretty in-your-face kind of distortion. Can it do subtle as well?

  12. jorgemg1984

    Well just hear Kurt's OD sound... most of it is with a RAT trough a Polytone. To my ears it's exactly what you described but tone is so subjective... Can you get one loaned to try?

    If you already have the Fulltone I don't think you need more boosters.

  13. schwa

    I'll have to see if I can borrow a Rat...
    Any other mild OD/ distortion pedals that people like?

  14. Nathan078

    The holdsworth pedal is great. I have it and a RAT. I would suggest mixing the clean signal with the distortion with parallel pedals. Also a compressor pedal might add that attack you want, try the deep six compressor. hope this helps!


  15. surfinboy

    The problem with a lot of dirt pedals is that even at their lowest gain settings, they impart a harsh clipping/transient effect that I don't care for - the full range isn't very usable. But there are a couple I've had excellent luck with - they're well made and reasonably priced. I've had a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 for years and love it for just a little bit of dirt or warmth, especially on the comp-cut setting - it's a popular pedal for good reason. I also have a Barber Direct Drive that I like very much. It goes all the way from a totally clean boost, to a little bit of grit, to full on ballsy overdrive/distortion.

  16. schwa

    Great suggestions, thanks!
    Does anyone have experience with the Zendrive? I've heard great things, but never had a chance to test drive one.
    Or the OCD? The Barber LTD?

  17. sam

    I have the ocd and use it quite a bit. If you use it with the drive turned way low and the down a bit behind noon, it sounds excellent for jazz playing, though I use a twin reverb (and often a DD7). I don't know how it would sound with the polytone. If you left it on all the time and rolled back your guitar volume for chords, it sounds pretty clean. Are you playing through an archtop type guitar or more electric?

  18. surfinboy

    Briefly I had a Zendrive a few years ago and thought it was underpowered and overpriced, although I think Lovepedal is making them now - perhaps the newer ones have more output. I also tried a Timmy on a few gigs - reasonably priced but I found it underpowered too - I had to really crank it just to achieve unity gain. But I'm in the minority - most people love that pedal. I've never tried the LTD Drive but I think Barber in general makes great stuff, and their prices are reasonable. I think the LTD is discontinued.

    Sometimes I also use a compressor to smooth out overdrive/distortion tones - it removes some of the harsh transients. I use an Xotic SP compressor and I love it for clean stuff too. (Barber makes a nice compressor too.)

    These days I use a Mesa-Boogie amp and get all the dirt from the amp. By its very definition the clipping is more amp-like. Keep in mind most pedals are designed to imitate via transistors the sound of a tube amp. Lots of people get great results from Tubescreamers too - they didn't work for me, but other people get great sounds out of them - it's hard to argue with success. I've bought and returned lots of dirt pedals over the years. Listen to sound clips online ( and have some great demo videos). See what grabs your ear, buy something, give it a fair shot on a couple gigs/sessions, and be prepared to return it if you don't like it rather than letting it take up space and keep you from getting something else.

    It's too easy to second-guess tone - especially overdrive/distortion. Everyone's got an opinion and there are too many choices on the market. What the audience is hearing is totally different, and a pedal will sound different live vs. on a recording. I used to worry that my guitar sound didn't have enough bass to it, because I do a lot of playing/practicing by myself and I want to hear the whole spectrum. But in a band context, it's good to drop some of the bottom out and not get in the way of the other instruments. Lately I've tried to remove myself from the sound equation a bit and stop being a p*ssy about less than perfect sound. Set it and forget it!


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