Pedalboard issues

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  1. JtV

    So I have a pedalboard, not really that involved, ordered as follows
    Digitech tuner, empress eq, boss octave, fulltone fulldrive, ibanez ad9, line 6 dl, jamman looper, boss ehancer.

    last night i went to play and it had no volume and what did come through was distorted.

    My do I go about finding out where the problem is? I am not sure where to begin...


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  2. add4

    i'd remove the last pedal, and try again, then remove the new last pedal, and try again, and continue until i found which one seems to act wierd, then plus it in alone, if it works it might be one of the cables used to connecting it ..
    old school trial and error style :)

  3. I bet there is one or more pedal doesnt get any power. Do u use battery or transformers ? Check those out !


  4. JorgeRubiales

    a faster way to add4 approach is to touch every jack tip, to know where dies the signal stops. When you touch it and you don't hear the hum, then you're not getting signal to that point. The best for this method is to start from the first connection (guitar to first pedal).


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