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  1. steepcreeks

    Would someone maybe be so nice to create a wireframe diagram of a common set-up kurt uses on his pedal board (powerpoint would be easy to do this in, just some type of visual rep of the architecture). I know Kurt's pedal set-up changes a lot but maybe just the basics. I spoke with Kurt at Small's, I think he said that with the Strymon pedals he's able to skip the Xotic/Xblender pedals so maybe those could be left out of the diagram... I don't understand the logic of what should come first, last, in the middle, separate loop here and here, etc and why. but if I could see a visual representation then I would have a launch point.

    I guess variable could include: Guitar, Tuner, EQ (Empress), Delay, Switches, Hog synths, compression pedal, RAT, Delay, Tremolo, Reverb, expression pedal(s), pedal power, Echo (strymon).

    Much appreciation, and hope that something like this would help others as well understand how to get similar sounds, the underlying architecture, logic, etc.


    PS - May the Alpine Slide rest in peace Kurt! It's a small world:)

  2. ...Seems like yet another ( albeit indirect ) vote for the gear page!

  3. JorgeRubiales

    Floating, this man is TOTALLY asking for a gear page lol!

    Seriously, Kurt uses the same approach as send channels on a mixer desk. The idea is to have a clean signal path right to the amp, and then a parallel effected signal (and I think this is the key to the amazing sound Kurt gets live).

    Basically you have everything that is not part of the dry signal out of the way with the lehle boxes. The key of this approach versus having everything in line is that you always have at least half of your signal going clean to the amp. That way you retain certain characteristics that are lost when you use certain pedals (plus you can survive a dead stombox because you always have your clean path, plus you can get them out of your way quickly).

    If in doubt, ask your sound engineer near you!! lol

  4. jorgemg1984

    Kurts sound has become so elaborate in the last years that only him can answer that to you... I get the obsession with his sound because its so amazing and I have also checked a lot of the stuff he has used over the years, but why do you need to know exactly his signal chain? If you buy all his pedals (and btw you also need to know the settings on each pedal and on each lehle attached to them right?) and do exactly what he does you wont get even near his sound...

    If you read on the internet Kurt gives his chain on his early records

    This is his basic sound and if you listen to those records you will see how great it was already. He now plays a Twin modified by Harry Kolbe instead of his 80s Polytone and a lot of new pedals (and those Lehles to do the wet dry thing) but his basic sounds is that - 335 guitar plus delay and reverb into a good amp. I wouldnt go much farther than this

    PS - I would be much more interested to know if he still uses D Addario Strings and Jazztone picks actually

  5. steepcreeks

    Thanks for the link jorgemg1984.. That's mainly what I needed.

    My current gear is Gibson 335, Gibson Wes Montgomery L5, Henrikson, and Fender Twin. Guitar-cable-volume pedal-cable-Amp

    I totally understand that settings on pedals have to be dialed & don't mind exploring those sounds myself. Just wondering for insight into what may typically come first and last in pedal chains. Thanks again.
    & Finally got a good transcription of Deep Song based of Billie's recording. Kurt told me that that's what he modeled his arrangement off as well. Surprised more folks don't play that ballad on gigs, gorgeous!

  6. jorgemg1984

    If you wont info on pedal chains you will find loads of it on the internet, try Google for guitar effects order or something like that or thegearpage forum. Usually you put tuners and EQ pedals first and delay and reverb on the end, after distortions.

    Add Delay and Reverb to the 335 and you should be on the good way. I also have an Henriksen but I changed the speaker, after that it became a great amp (only after that). The Twin as it comes stock is not very good for the tone you seek but if you mod it it can be great (and expensive) This guy modded Kurts amp and Jim Hall also but has a legendary bad reputation for terrible customer service

    Where did you got the arrangement for Deep Song? Its a great song, Kurt did a great job bringing this song back and its clearly inspired by Billies version (although I like the arrangement of "If I Should Lose You" even more on that record)

  7. steepcreeks

    I'll be happy to send you the chart, just drop me a line at: ben at benfriberg dot com and I'll respond with the chart. Again, thanks for the help understanding and further researching pedal chains. As mentioned above I've purchased a few through the years but always gone straight back to gtr, vol pedal & amp.

  8. barolo

    Just follow the cords :-)

  9. JorgeRubiales

    Yeah, if you can follow the cord from the guitar to the amp you get a prize! lol

  10. wilmore

    the last chain I was able to figure out from a recent photo is: guitar, tuner, compression, rat, tc. chorus, eventide timefactor, hardwire reverb, empress eq, fender twin. he had lele parallels connected to rat, chorus, delay and reverb.

  11. david6strings

    and the joemeek compressor floorQ, such an amazing pedal i am going to buy

  12. Benny

    What Strymon pedals was Kurt using? I've seen Lage Lund use their El Capistan delay - a great sounding pedal.

  13. steepcreeks

    El Capistan, BlueSky, & Ola

  14. steepcreeks

    Sorry to beat a dead horse but, could someone maybe check out a diagram I started at: (Gallery Section)
    The diagram is using the set up I think Kurt was using on the recording at Small's earlier this month.

    There was an additional pedal (Empress-ParaEQ) on the floor that evening but I couldn't see that it was plugged in, at least when I took the picture.
    Also the picture labeled as "Tremolo" in the diagram was actually a Strymon Ola pedal. I took liberty to assume these pedals are slightly similar. The pedal is described "chorus/vibrato". Plus he had the TC Electronic Chorus pedal connected to the Lehle Parallel so... that was my logic in labeling it "Tremolo"... Plus you got it straight from the maestro:

    There were two pedals as well. One was the hog exp pedal. The other I'm assuming was a Volume Pedal... I'm just not sure where it connected in the chain...

    And again, sorry to beat a dead horse....As mentioned before I'm primarily trying to understand how connectivity in pedal chains work. Working on this has helped me. I'm pretty sure that this is "close", and I say that biting my tongue, but I'm going from some photos that I took. Once I have this understood I may begin to make some investments in pedals. Until now, I've always returned them dis-satisfied because they clouded the basic tonality. Looks like the Lehle products will help with this though.

  15. steepcreeks

    Kurt emailed the compression comes after the hog (I had before) & no vol pedal, it's an exp ped for the delay..
    I made the corrections to the posted photo. Thanks folks for help on my lil KR wireframe photo project:)
    Happy Practicing

  16. Benny

  17. add4

    Is it really the Boss compressor on Benny's pics? I have that thing stuffed somewhere in a cupboard, under a pile random stuff just to make sure i'll never use it again...
    Seriously this thing is one of the most horrible tone suckers ever, from my experience.
    or maybe i was dialing the pots in a very bad way ..
    i'm ... shocked..

  18. wilmore

    cool pic! it doesn't look like that boss is plugged in. surprised to see an mxr replacing the empress. thanks for the post.

  19. JorgeRubiales

    Yup, the boss compressor doesn't even have the power cord attached, so my gues is it's just a backup. Great picture btw!

  20. Nathan078

    Hey guys I was trying to figure the signal flow out for this pedal board set-up, could someone explain this to me? Also whats the point of the little dual lehle pedal in the chain? Thanks!

  21. Nathan078

    Like the chart that steepcreeks made is great ( but I just dont understand the returns and sends throughout the chain. Im new to the FX loop and it seems like a cool concept, if anyone could help that would be amazing! Thanks!


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