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  1. Anny Mouse

    Okay guys/girls,

    I'm about to embark on a pedal purchase journey and I could use some suggestions as to where to start and maybe what to avoid. I've been out of the game for several years only plugging straight into the amp or playing acoustic. I like a really simple signal chain. I find a great guitar into a great cable into a great amp is hard to beat. However, for certain gigs I'm needing a Delay, Reverb, and Overdrive (doesn't need to get to0 saturated but I'd like a pedal that has some range to it).

    Tried the Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD and while it sounds great it doesn't really get to overdriven even when cranked. I also tried the Suhr Shiba Drive which I liked a lot more.

    So what are your top picks for Delay, Reverb, and Overdrive?

    My only criteria is that it be true bypass and of really high quality both sonically and components/chassis (durability).


    Also, if anyone wants to chime in on multi effects units that'd be great too. I'm all about simplicity so if there is an awesome grab-and-go unit I'd be down for trying that as well. I used to own boss multi effects, as well as a tc nova system but I found them to be tone suckers...

  2. Benny

    The Strymon El Capistan and BlueSky are my favourite delay and reverb pedals.

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Video Plugins

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Video Plugins

  3. Quintricacy

    I just bought a Strymon Timeline recently. I haven't got through all the 200 presets yet but everyday there is at least one sound that totally blows my mind. And the tone is kept the whole time.

  4. Quintricacy

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Video Plugins

  5. jorgemg1984

    I guess it all depends on two things: budget and size requirements. If you don't want to spend a lot of money and you want it small TC Flashback Delay and TC Hall of Fame Reverb are very good for what they offer. I also like Hardwire Delay and Hardwire Reverb but they are quite bigger.

    If you have a bigger budget I think Strymon El Capistan Delay and Strymon Blue Sky Reverb are excellent.

    About ODs I tried a lot of them and I do like a Tube Screamer and the RAT. I have both of them custom built with lots of mods (the TS is arriving soon). If you check ODs by jazz players most of them use one of those pedals (Kurt, Scofield, Frisell, Hekselman, Kreisberg, etc...). I don't know where you live but there are tons of good boutique builders of TS / RAT pedals in the US.

    I had a Nova System in the past and liked it but in the end I prefer individual pedals... pedals like delay and reverb needed to be adjusted in different rooms and it's much easier to adjust knobs than scrolling a software menu. And you do end uo with better effects, the delay and reverb on the small TC pedals are superior to the ones on the Nova System. It's harder because you need a charger and patch cables and a pedalboard but worth it for me anyway...

    To me a really simple pedalboard would be: Tuner; EQ / Boost; OD or Distortion; Delay; Reverb; small charger like fuel-tank junior.

  6. Anny Mouse

    Thanks Jorge,

    That all makes sense. I need to try the TC pedals still.

  7. Matt

    wow quintricacy, the timeline sounds amazing. i am all of a sudden dead set on buying on.

  8. mretfasterer

    I have an Eventide TimeFactor, and my roommate has the Strymon Timeline. I love my eventide. I also dig the Strymon, in different ways. I don't think I would use the Strymon as my main delay.
    The Timefactor has the 2-Delay's-at-once, which the Strymon doesn't. I dig that. Using the expression pedal to blend the two is great.
    The Timefactor also has an external foot-switch capability to add 3 more button functions to the pedal. In comparison, the Strymon does the extra functions in it's two-button-in-one functions. I'm not sure which I like better.
    The Strymon has way more interesting sound capabilities. It's a way more 'effect'-y pedal than the eventide, I think.
    Both killer Delays

  9. silverwater

    For distortion pedals, I've been digging the Xotic AC+. Two drive channels allow you to go from "barely audible fuzz" to "face-melt" with one stomp.

  10. lucasmartinez

    hey guys,
    my first post here (even though i've been reading this forum for months, hehe)

    has any one of you guys tried the voodoo lab sparkle drive? i'd love to try one of these but i couldn't find in the shops in my city. i heard kreisberg uses one. i'm specially interested in the 'clean blend' knob it has.

    i'm actually looking for very subtle distortion/OD. i've tried the 85whiteface rat and I it sounded pretty cool. i was wondering if there's such a big difference between the 85 and the cheap new rat, because the price is so much higher.


  11. jazzacast55

    I had the sparkle drive a while back, it was great, wish I held on to it, didn't really give it a chance as I wasn't where I am now as far as the sound I'm going for.
    It was similar to a tube screamer and the clean blend was cool too! Only problem I felt with it was the button/switch to turn it on and off, couple of time I stepped on it and it made a weird sound and kinda cut out, might of just been a bad one.
    I had the reissue 85 white face, wasn't my thing, seemed to have way to much gain and could get the sound I wanted, not to sure what the difference is but I haven't played with one of the newer ones.
    I've just bought an mxr distortion III which is great and cheap! check it out if your after a subtle overdrive, it's called a distortion but it's not at all.
    Hope that helps

    p.s the Fulltone Full drive 2 is great too!

  12. jorgemg1984

    I have a custom RAT made with tons of mods stock - much cheaper than a whiteface rat, which is just a RAT made with the original chip (that costs a couple of bucks). There are tons of guys who will make you an exact replica of an 80s RAT, maybe even with some mods, for much less than the price of the whiteface!

    I liked the Sparke Drive a lot when I tried it, it's basically a TS with a clean blend. I am having a TS made with tons of mods and also a RC booster, the two ins the same pedal. The RC will allow me to have Bass and Treble controls on both RAT and TS. There's a new Sparkle Drive with plenty of clipping options, it should be quite versatile.

    I honestly don't feel the clean blend is that important with ODs / distortions, much more with delay / reverb, A pedal with several clipping options, bass and treble controls would be more important to me actually... There are so many good OD / Distortion pedals out there these days!

  13. geetarted

    Maxon SD-9 is the best distortion....>> For me. Simple thinking in signal path routing is the best mindset.
    All Roger Mayer products are great too. It's so personal it's all I can add.

    Nils Cline is a good vibe on pedals. Mike Landau is a god on these matters. Right now the new Jack White solo records has some great tones too.

    Cheers everybody.

  14. someone gave me a maxon and im pretty underwhelmed. its funny ive verified 3 times that this is the pedal that people rave about. it would be nice to have a distortion pedal somewhere in the chain before the loop station ( that way i could play distorted ontop of a loop that has different tone - without using the amp's gain channel), but it just makes everything so thin and tame. i hate talking like this but it just has no balls. the clean channel has more dimension. the dirty on the amp is way better. i feel like i am a poodle with a green mohawk and spiked collar and little boots when i click this

  15. geetarted

    Funny. Each to his/her own. Fuzz pedals work better with situations where the volume from pedal to pedal stay the same. THAT pedal is great when volume is maxed out and gain 40%.. to taste.. Good luck on the search!

  16. steepcreeks

    Got the Strymon Timeline yesterday, found a few things I will enjoy for ambient intros and outros. If anyone has settings they want to share please feel free.

  17. JorgeRubiales

    The t-rex reverb sounds amazingly well (the tube one is the one I have experience with). For delays, I only use it to fatten it up a littel bit, so almost anything goes (behringer analog delay sounds nice for me, so YMMV...)

  18. contremisart

    I have a tc electronic g-major 2 rack going through an engl thunder. I use it's delays, chorus, reverb, compression and eq. I am not a tone geek so it serves me well and keeps the room tidy :)

  19. jbroad

    i've got an axe fx II that i run in front of my redplate blackloop amp. it sounds every good as my pedalboard did plus it's way more flexible and makes my rig way more portable

  20. Matt

    im torn between buying the strymon timeline or el capistan or blueSky next...they all sound great

  21. Sandemose

    I use a TC Hall of Fame which works fine with Boss DD-3. For distortion I use MXR-III (gave less than 50$ for it, and sounds quite good).

    best, Sandemose

  22. david6strings

    hey Lucas. Sparkle Drive it's worth every euro you pay for it. Yes, i'm divided between el Capistan or Timeline too.

  23. steepcreeks

    Really enjoying the Timeline. I now own both the El Capistan and the Timeline. I personally would take the Timeline over the El Capistan. Most of the tones I discovered with the El Cap the timeline does as well. Both of them will take an expression pedal that can be assigned to whatever attribute you want.

  24. JPMike

    I had quite ODs myself and recently, I bought another one, a Proco Rat, not vintage one.

    What I love on the Rat is that filter knob, I love how it eliminates that trebl-ish tone and gives you a quite thick kind of saturation. I can even add that up to my HRD's drive channel. I really love it so far and I keep on experimenting with it, the only issue so far is the "noise" I get, but a noise gate, like a Boss NS-2, can do the job, but I am sure it kills the tone.

    As far as other ODs, I really recommend the Carl Martin Plexitone, this pedal is so nice, you can actually get a nice overdriven kind of fusion-ish tone from more hard rock, even metal type of tones.

    I didn't like the Xotic BB preamp at all, for some reason, it sounded so generic to my ears, like there was nothing special about it.

    OCDs are nice, I had one, but to be honest I didn't use it that much.

    Another pedal, I would totally recommend and can give you a nice thick tone, it's T-Rex's Mudhoney II pedal, you can have 2 settings in one pedal. The only con of it would be it can sound a bit fuzz-ish but for some reason, I like that.

    As far as the Maxon OD-808 always used it as a boost in my metal days, in front of an amp mostly, it can quite kill your tone's character, I have a love/hate relationship with it.

    At the moment, I am trying to find a nice reverb and delay pedals, I liked both of the Strymon's, not sure though which direction to go, or if I should try other brands too. I am trying to build a nice and small pedalboard, that can actually do everything.

  25. add4

    the trex mud honey is in fact a rat, with some components of slightly different values, but it's 100% a rat schematic, with an added buffer, and electronic switching.
    might explain why you like it if you also like the rat :)

  26. JPMike

    I didn't have a clue about it!!! I pretty much like both, the thing with the Mudhoney is that it can get quite trebly. I prefer, more middle-ish OD for leads, for that kind of fusion-ish sound.

    I any case, I just snagged a Barber Small Fry, let's see what this little Burn unit does.


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