Pentatonic "discovery"...

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  1. Sandemose

    Hi folks.

    I recently stumbled across something that never accoured to me, but probably did to people at this forum. Ive been working with pentatoncis recently and I started replacing the minor 7th with a major 7th instead. The basic pentatonic shape became like this:


    I love the sound, and the playability of the shape. I think it sounds awesome over a F major chord (esp. over tune like Solar, with the #9 in the melody over the F major7 chord). It sounds great as a major7 #5 sound over Cmaj7#5, or why not over a G#7 altered. Anyone experimented with this before? Any cool applications to share?

    Best, Sandemose

  2. I did find that one a while ago---try it iver a F$-7b5 or D7 #11. After I stumbled on that one the other one I found was:


    I've heard Jam Hammer play this with The mahavishnu Orch. Sounds good over A7 but is sounds really cool over a G7#11
    I guess all of this info is just up in the air waiting for people to discover or re-discover it.

  3. thoeller




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