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  1. steepcreeks

    I'm trying to dig further into pentatonic ideas. Anything anyone would like to share: voicings, exercises, substitutions, patterns, sounds.
    I've seen this pattern of Kurt's and been mixing it up as many ways I can think of (

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    I also just purchased Bergonzi's book on Pentatonic studies (haven't received it yet)

  2. Quintricacy

    Here's some stuff from Miles Okazaki. He's a pretty interesting guy and has some really nice ideas and can play the guitar pretty good too. I strongly recommend getting his album Mirror, it's killer. The first thing seems daunting at first, but just study the diagram on the top left and it makes sense.

  3. steepcreeks

    wow, neat stuff, thanks Quintricacy

  4. jimjazz

    That Miles Okazaki stuff looks great, realise I've seen him before backing Jane Monheit.

    Bruce Saunders has some stuff on his website, he's a great player and his site is stuffed full of transcriptions and lessons.

    I also really enjoyed Scott Henderson' video 'Jazz Fusion Improvisation' which has a lot on pentatonics.

  5. Timbo

    That Bruce Saunders page is a goldmine. Dropping everything to go into the shed right now.

  6. jimjazz

    Yeah, its great isn't it! I have his c.d 8x5 which I like a lot, a player really deserving of wider exposure.

  7. natjanoff

    I really like Bruce Saunders books. Their all great, especially the Pentatonics one. I think it's called
    " Jazz Pentatonics " Really great!

  8. natjanoff

    Yamaguchi's books are great, I just think that the Saunders book is easier to use initially. However I have all of Yamaguchi's books. Very useful and worth getting.

  9. silverwater

    I've been compiling the pentatonic sounds I like to play over changes, and have a chart on my wall. I know there are more sounds out there, but you can't start with everything or you'll end up learning nothing.

    It includes the minor 6 pentatonic and the whole tone pentatonic scales. Here's what it currently looks like:


    - Cmaj pent.

    - Emin pent.

    - Bmin pent.

    - Amin6 pent.


    - Cmin pent.

    - Cmin6 pent.

    - Gmin pent

    - Dmin pent.

    C7 (alt sound):

    - C#m6 pent

    - Ebmin pent.

    - Ebmin6 pent.

    - C whole tone pent.

    C7 (b9 nat13):

    - A whole tone pent

    C7 (9 #11 13):

    - Gmin6 pent

    - Amin6 pent

    - F# whole tone pent.


    - Ebm6 pent

    - Fmin6 pent (nat9 sound)

    - D whole tone pent (nat9 sound)

    Cmaj7 #5 #11:

    - Bmin6 pent


    - B whole tone pent. (good on Nica's Dream!)

    - Dmin6 pent

    Quick ii V (C-7 to F7, Diatonic sound) [I like to use these for tunes that have those quick little ii v that are away from the key center, like in "Four"]:

    - Cmin pent.

    - Cmin6 pent.

    - D min6 pent

    Quick ii V (altered sound):

    - Just ignore the ii and use the options for the altered V!

    ii V I sounds: (Cm7-F7-Bbmaj7) [I overuse the hell out of these two]

    - Cmin pent, Ebmin pent, Dmin pent

    - Gmin pent, Abmin pent, Amin pent

    I don't know how much good this chart will do anyone, since discovering this shit on your own makes it way more likely you'll use it your playing (at least for me), but there you go.

  10. Matt

    that's a nice chart! really is.

  11. jazznan

    Here's a cool lesson by Vic Juris on pentatonics:

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  12. Matt

    noob question here - what's the whole tone pentatonic, and the min6 one?

  13. david6strings

    im wondering the same. i guess min6 one must be an -6 arpeggio with the fourth added but no idea about the whole tone one

  14. silverwater

    C Minor 6 pentatonic: C, Eb, F, G, A (basically, the nat6th is substituted for the b7)

    C Whole tone Pentatonic: C, E, Gb, Ab, Bb (basically a C whole tone scale, minus the second note)

    For me, playing whole tone pentatonics comes down to two things: knowing your whole tone scales, and then knowing which note to leave out.

  15. horg

    silverwater, THANK YOU. I've been trying out everything on your chart. I feel like I've learned so much in just 2's insane. Thanks for posting that. Also, Bruce Saunders page is pretty amazing. much stuff to practice.

  16. geetarted

    Straight up minor pent. Chords get a Holdsworth vibe and the inversions and permutations get into Bergonzi territory. Simple, but tons of possible lines in positions or stretched out on 2 or 3 strings.... etc.. It's a wee bit messy but it works for my skype students.


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