perfect 4s tuning?

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  1. Hey Fellas, i was thinking tuning my guitar in full fourths, so itd be
    E A D G C F (basically like on a bass)
    i try to be able to handle the guitar very intuitionally and i think it might
    be possible that this might be easier for ones mind with a constant system or movement
    i came up with that because im workin on my arpeggios alot at the moment
    and thinking alot about the fingerings, wich are very confusing if you try to avoid
    those mini barees.
    So, if you could give me some pros and Cons about it, and maybe also some information
    Why the classical guitar tuning is what it is, id be very gratefull.
    Cheers, Ufo

  2. themawt71

    i think a reason why it's GBE and not GCF is because you would not have the symmetry of low E and high E. various barre chords would not be possible.

    like you said a 6 string bass is tuned all in 4ths and it works fine for folks. not often are barre chords used on them things.


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