Peter Bernstein at Smoke

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  1. jazzbum

    I was lucky enough to be in NYC this past week and I got to see Peter with Kenny Washington and Mike LeDonne doing a tribute to Wes. Amazing! Their version of Blues Riff was incredible, if you have a chance to see this configuration, check it out for sure. Does Peter take students at all in NYC?

  2. JorgeRubiales

    Don't know, you may email him and ask...

    Definitely a great one, I saw him once and was at a masterclass. I would say he's not one of the teachers, but more of a player.

  3. jorgemg1984

    I know several people who had classes with him, he does teach in NY. He is not an academic person at all but it can be inspirational to play with him and talk about music (I would personally try to understand how he gets that sound!). He will focus a lot on the ear and will tell you not to think about scales - just play what you hear. And he also knows all the right changes for standards, he hates the real book.

  4. DGP

    I was at that Smoke gig as well! It was killer. Not many people can play like Wes and still play like themselves. Plus, Pete (as well as Kenny and Mike) are real bearers of the jazz tradition. They know all kinds of stuff that you can't get out of books or anything like that.

    I think Pete does take students. I know a few people who study with him and I have talked with him briefly after his gigs. Very approachable. He told me "I'd like to hear you play sometime" after a short conversation about a Frank Sinatra tune he played, so it seems to me he's probably open to working with many jazz players. So, yeah, I'd definitely try and send him and email or give him a call.

  5. jazzbum

    Thanks! I will definitely shoot him an email.

  6. JorgeRubiales

    Nice DGP! I met him once and he's definitely a nice guy. If I lived anywhere near NYC (100 miles or so) I woud take a trip to take lessons with him...

  7. mikelorenz

    i took a lesson with pete when i was a junior in college. i was still a little green at the time but some of the things he addressed in the lesson i'll never forget. he's a really inspiring guy to listen to or just to be around for an afternoon. other than sort of kicking my ass in the lesson, which i definitely needed at the time, he talked about the importance of introductions, being able to play songs in different keys and the particular quality of rhythm in bebop playing. i remember he compared "anthropology" to a dance or a strut.

    he's playing in philly tonight (and tomorrow i think) but i have gigs both nights or else i'd be there in a heartbeat.

  8. barolo

    A friend of mine had a lesson with Pete a couple of years ago, immensely inspiring and still got stuff to work at he says. The best lesson I ever had was with another Pete - NYC´s best kept secret: Peter Mazza, definetely more on the academic side but a real monsterteacher/player.


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