Picking technique

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  1. I recently discovered while playing fast or moderately paced runs from the low E to the high E string there is quite a lot of string noise as I pass from one string to the other(e.g. the other strings ringing out out after playing them.)I would call myself an intermediate to advanced player with fair technique. The action on my guitar,a solid body is factory set(I know the higher the action the more you are likely to face this issue)Do most players mute the other strings(e.g. with the fleshy portion of their palm) they are not playing in order to limit this issue?Thanks for the input~

  2. docbop

    Over time you learn to mute with both hands. Sometime you need to mute with left hand other time the right depends on what you're doing. Practice SLOWLY so you can see what you're doing and decide on what is needed.

  3. This is a first,I was always under the impression players just picked away without any issues(that's the way it looks sometimes). Muting depends on circumstances,then.Sound advice,thanks.


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