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  1. cruxtable

    for a while now I've been practicing everything line-wise picking every single note, though I don't like my sound as a guitarist when I play that way..I'd like to have that technique but I really should work more on legato technique to get the sound i want. not sure if i have enough time to practice both with everything i am practicing concerning scales, arpeggios, patterns, etc. what's your approach?

  2. david6strings

    you can practice patters and scale picking when studying technique, but when you are improvising free yourself. but be careful, finally, the way you practice is the way you sound. so if you like the legato sound, play the most of the time that way

  3. Matt

    yeah i feel the same way you do. i like the legato sound of holdsworth, rosenwinkel, etc, but i'd like to be able to pick smoothly like a lot of 'shredders' do. i particularly like tosin abasi's style, a combination of legato and picking.

  4. FatJeff

    There is a pair of slim instructional books out by Dale Bruning that deals with getting slurring and articulation into your playing. I think it's worth reading through and practicing - the fingerings are weird at first, but eventually you get to the point where you instinctively finger things so they come out "right." The concept is pretty simple but the book does a good job of explaining things.


  5. jorgemg1984

    That's one the things that bugs me with legato, you have to change your playing in order to proper use it... it gives me the feel I am submitting my musical ideas to my technique. That's one of the reasons I am using more staccato these days.

  6. JorgeRubiales

    I never got the whole legato vs staccato thing. They shouldn't be exclusive, they both must be used to shape the musical phrase. If someone can't do both with a certain fluidity, then s/he must go back to the woodshed and work. That's playing guitar 101, technique shouldn't prevent you from playing what you hear. The hard part for me is hearing well enough, lol.

  7. jorgemg1984

    The thing is when you reach a certain speed you must choose wich hand do you want to get you there... it's really hard to develop both amazing staccato and legato chops.


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