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  1. Bluewaterpig

    I just bought a dangelico EX-SS and I'm so, so happy with the way it feels/looks, but the pickups are an issue for me. I'm looking to replace both pickups. In the neck, I'd like something nice and fat. I've heard that Kurt recently replaced the neck pickup in his DA with a Seymour Duncan 59 (true?).

    For the bridge, I'd like something with "twang" characteristics. I really love glassy, round, Tele type sounds coming out of the middle position.


  2. LeonardoB

    For the Kurt Rosenwinkel thing, yes: he has a Seymour Duncan 59 in neck position.
    Otherwise you might wanna check Lollar pickups, Bare knuckles or german handmade Haussel. Definitely high quality stuff, but if you want to stay cheap and still have a good sound go for the 59, I have it too in neck positon and it's really nice.

    For the bridge one, I'm not that sure since I'm replacing mine , too, but I guess I'll go for the natural partner of the Neck-type 59, that is the SBH1 (Bridge-type 59).

    Regards, and give us a feedback of what you buy when you make up your mind!

    Magical rainbow ponies

  3. Magical rainbow ponies
  4. jazznan

    I love Lollar pick ups

  5. Bluewaterpig

    Guitarguy77, I'm as upset at the current state of the dangelico company as most people are, especially after seeing their idiot CEO speak at NAMM this year, but I can say that I really do love the EX SS I bought. Everything is great aside from the pickups, but I've just never been a fan of the Kent Armstrong Asian made pickups and I knew I would be replacing them going into the store. The neck on the SS is superb, that was a big reason for buying it. Maybe I just had it set up really well or got a good one (I purchased it at Guitars n Jazz in NJ, an absolutely stellar archtop provider, check them out immediately if you aren't familiar) but having owned a few dozen archtops, this is in the top 5 for me.


  6. Bluewaterpig

    What's the deal with dangelico/vestax in terms of availability? Can you just order from them direct? Are they only available in Japan?

  7. Poparad

    If you really like those glassy tones, you might get a lot of mileage out of the new Alumitone pickups from Lace. I have them in an extended range guitar, but they have a very even, clear, crisp sound from low to high. Plus they look really cool.


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