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  1. Hey all,

    I've been working on Waynes tune Pinocchio from the amazing album Nefertiti. Looking along the lead sheet in the latest edition of the real book and listening to the track, I found out that those changes are terribly wrong. So I did some research. I found a transcription of Herbies solo by Steve Kahn that had the changes written out as well. I also found a progression sheet done by Stephan Kac. These two were somewhat different but way more accurate than the real books version. I have read somewhere that Wayne would sometimes just write out voicings to his tunes. I believe this was how the title track Nefertiti was written. So I'm wondering if theres anyone out there that has gone more in depth with researching this tune or has done any transcribing of the two tracks on Nefertiti. Thanks.

    Steve's transcription:

    Stefan's progression:

  2. jbroad

    yeah, the version in the real book is terrible. i made a project out of this in 2000. the changes that i came up with are really close to the kac transcription. the only differences were:

    bar 3: Db13sus
    bars 11-12: Ab13-Ab7#5
    bar 15: F9#11

    it also sounds like the form changes on the original recording. sometimes it's an 18 bar form and sometimes it's a 20 bar form if i remember correctly

  3. awesome man. thanks for the help. i was leaning more towards the Kahn transcription but i think ill mix and match some of them and see what i come up with

  4. jbroad

    if you want to send me your email address i can send you a scan of my chart

  5. Such a great tune. I finally decided to learn and rewrite the correct changes. Thanks for the links! I did hear something else in bar 10:

    EbMaj(#11) DMaj7 followed by Ab13 Ab7(#5). Heard it a bit better with the alternate slower take.



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