Playing over Homage a' Mitch

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  1. I have a junior recital coming up this spring and am playing Kurt's tune Homage a' Mitch. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to approach improvising over this tune? I am pretty much just chasing the changes around at the moment.

    Also, anyone have any suggestions on different ways to practice difficult tunes? Exercises?

    A section Changes- C7 Gbmin7 B7sus B/C D7 Abmin7 Dbmin7 Gbmin7 B7sus B/C Dbmin7 D7 Ab7 Gbmin7

  2. As wild as the changes are (and I could be wrong on them, I'm the one who transcribed it; maybe Kurt can fix any errors), there's a strong underlying Db minor blues tonality to the A section. Try playing blues-ish ideas and get comfortable with how they ride over the changes. Then, you can start to outline some of the specific harmonies on top of that to add contrast. That's my take on it; it just seems a little limiting to try and nail every change. The B-section is very bebopish, kind of reminds me of an Herbie Nichols tune where the ii-V's are shifted a little bit strangely. You can focus on digging into the changes on the B section to contrast the bluesie-ness of the A's. Just some pointers! Hope this helps!



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