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Please Recommend Me Some Modern Jazz Guitarists

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  1. bingefeller

    Hi folks,

    Just on the look out for some good modern jazz guitarists. The guys I like at the moment, and that I consider modern, are Lage Lund, Jonathan Kreisberg, Gilad Hekselman, Jesse Van Ruller and Tim Miller.

    Any other suggestions please?

  2. Matt

    what could be modern than John Scofield, Bill Frisell, and Wayne Krantz? those are my favorites for sure.

  3. Alvin

    Ben Modern.. sorry... Monder, Nelson Veras, John Stowell are the first ones that come to mind, If you mean "modern" musically.
    If you mean "modern" like "young", then probably Veras is the only one to qualify in that list... :)

  4. leunam12

    Max Frankl
    Marzio scholten
    Franz hellmüller
    Josstein gulbrandsen
    Romain pillon
    Peter nylander
    manuel hobi

  5. bingefeller

    Thank you, Manuel :)

    Magical rainbow ponies
  6. smoke

    You might like Charles Altura. He plays with Chick Corea now. His technique is really crazy. He can play a pretty wide range of styles.

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    Nir Felder is pretty hot. He is my main guy these days (and for the last few years).

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  7. bingefeller

    Thanks, Smoke. I'm really liking both of these guys. Any albums they play on that you'd recommend?

  8. smoke

    Charles is on the new Chick Corea disc so you might check that out. He plays straight ahead style on Dayna Stephen's disc called 'I'll Take My Chances'. Some really nice work on that one. Kind of sounds like a more technical Lage Lund to me.

    Nir has his first solo disc coming out in a few weeks but you can hear him as a sideman on a few things:

    Bobby Selvaggio - Grass Roots Movement
    Brian Landraus's last two discs.
    Greg Osby - Nine Levels
    Tim Kuhl - Ghost and and King (both REALLY nice)
    Sunny Jain - Taboo

    He's on a bunch more stuff but that is what comes to mind. If you want more, I'll dig through my collection and see what else he is on.

  9. bingefeller

    Thanks again, Smoke! I appreciate your reply.

  10. Gesture

    No one has mentioned Mike Moreno yet.. pretty much a no-brainer.
    And: Julian Lage, Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth, Martijn van Iterson.

    Also, if you like Jesse van Ruller, check out his duo album with Maarten van der Grinten. My favourite guitar duo album. You can find it on spotify or buy it.

  11. bingefeller

    Great stuff, Gesture. I'm listening to the Jesse van Ruller and Maarten van der Grinten album now on Spotify and it's great.

  12. Petertje

    Yeah! Also check out Marzio Scholten, great new player! Has a new record out also:

  13. Matt

    just bought 'garage moi' by marzio. i'm listening to a few tracks now and i'm pretty into it.

    surprised no one's mentioned Mikkel Ploug.

  14. Neither

    You can add Adam Rogers.

  15. Sonnet

    Please check out Motohiko Ichino !

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