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  1. hi guys

    in this week i've tried to experiment some polichords for example


    someone of you have experimented with polichords or kwow some really nice polichords?

    sorry my english is very bad

    best ltit

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  2. a guy i took a lesson from said that he noticed that every time he would play any major7#11 chord joe henderson played the "b9". and he said it was from this chord you are showing.
    here is another cool one from a jimmy wyble book ( jazz concepts for classical guitarists ...or something like that);
    you can view these as 13th type chords with no 5th. the root is on the 5th string. it's like you are alternating between 5ths and 3rds and making stacks of this combination.

    in 1st position ( one note per string )from low e to high e:
    F,C,E,B,D,A= 11th,root,3rd,7th,9th,13th.

    obviously, run this through the scale and with other scales to see/hear the different types of 13(no 5) with the various alterations.
    hopefully this makes sense, i don't really tab in this kind of txt. if its confusing think of that basic voicing for Cmaj9 for the middle 4 strings ( and just adding an F on the low e string and and an A on the high e).

  3. Sandemose

    This is my favorite poly chord, from low to high E:

    3-3-2-4-4-2 (C+B)

    Many years ago, on the old forum, Kurt posted a "contest" on one certain chord. The questions were: How would you spell this chord, and how would you finger it:


    First price is having the honor of carrying Kurts gig bag for about 20 meters (empty of course, without guitar), buying/making Anders breakfast.

    Good luck!


  4. thumb middle pinky index ring index- A7 alterd, Eb7#11, Bbminmaj6/9, Db6/9#4#5, a weird f9sus with 3rd and #5, Gmin9b5b6. basically a Bb melodic minor chord. Eb/A7

  5. a gift from mr goodchord- O-2-5-3-4-2. the despair chord Emin/Ebmin

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  6. or Ebmin/Emin....whoops

  7. Sandemose, that B/C is a great chord. Wayne Shorter uses it on a lot of his tunes. works good for all modes of E harmonic minor.


  8. add4

    Very interesting sound for the chords presented here .. i had never experimented with the concept of polychords before.
    The very first question that goes through my mind is : how are they useable? i mean you have a Ebmin/Emin chord, can you substitude it for each one of these, or the chord above, or below, or another totally different chord, aare there rules for that or is it a matter of experimenting and seeing how it sounds in what situations and what you like?
    Thanks for giving me hints about that

  9. add4

    Multiple posts .. sorry about that

  10. Sandemose

    I remember Kurt spelling the chord as a A7+Eb, I guess with those more complex chords they can be named in different way, esp. out of context. Given a song context it gets a bit easier. His fingering suggestion was really crazy though:

    3-Thumb-4-1-2-1 (this means the thumb reaches down to the A string). Its quite bizarre...

    I guess Smith is the winner :)

    On the same thread, Kurt presented his favorite minor7b5 chord:

    6-7-x-7-7-5 <----its a beuaty...

    Best, Sandemose

  11. i got to have a smoke with kurt last time i saw him so i guess i got my prize early. that fingering makes sense because 5-x-5-3-4-3 is a common voicing for A7 altered, i guess kurt decided to throw his thumb in there to get the 3rd. that min7b5 voicing is a great g melodic minor chord(try using for F#7 altered). the Ebmin/Emin comes from combining the 5th and 6th triads of the B harmonic major scale. makes a good C7 altered(who doesn't love a major7 on a dominant chord).


  12. 3rd and 4th triads of B harmonic major.......whoops it's still early.

  13. mds90

    sandemose told: 6-7-x-7-7-5 <----its a beauty...
    Let's try this on minor II V I (example in Dm)
    6-7-x-7-7-5 for E half diminished (flat five, root, seventh, ninth, eleventh)
    9-10-x-10-10-8 For A7alt (third, seventh, sharp five, root, sharp nine)
    13-14-x-14-14-12 for Dm (third, sixth, fifth, major seventh, ninth)
    you have 3 triads on top for every chord!

  14. Sandemose

    mds90: sweeeeet....


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