polyrhythmic metronome app for Mac

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  1. jseaberry

    If you are interested in polyrhythmic metronomes, there is one available for Windows, the Bounce Metronome. I saw some YT videos of it and was enthralled, but they are not available for Macs, which I have. The inventor, Robert Walker, has started up a Kickstarter to get the money to develop one for Mac. If you are interested, it is here:
    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/130375104/bounce-metronome-tune-smithy-lissajous-3d-on-intel I have no connection to this other than wanting to be able to buy it.

  2. patfarlow

    sounds cool!

    speaking of metronomes Julian Lage recommended this app called "Time Guru"
    which is kinda fun. it randomly mutes clicks. so playing to it is pretty entertaining.

    here is a link


  3. jseaberry

    That does look cool, but the thing that has me salivating about the Bounce one is the visual images; pendulums swinging, balls bouncing; I found in playing with the videos that the images really help with finger independence. Rosenwinkel + Jimmy Wyble in no time!!! .....well........


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