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  1. kurtisrosenwinkel

  2. fakejake

    the weather in berlin has been PHANTASTIC over the last 3 days. Treptower park ruled this weekend!! Time to get an acoustic and practice out in the green!

    Kurt, are you going to play at Roman Otts gig in may at the bflat? I think his last record including your work as sideman was just amazing!

  3. contremisart

    i had the weirdest dream a while ago. kurt & clapton were having tea with my dad in our living room. then i go in the room and we chat a bit and then they leave. then i hated myself for not even asking the men for a signature on my guitar. i mean they literally came to my feet and i let them walk away just like that.
    i might have some problems hmmm..

  4. InWalked

    Positivity Lyrics
    Artist: Prince
    Album: Lovesexy


    Positivity YES
    Have U had your plus sign 2 day?
    Positivity YES
    Do we mark U present, or do we mark U late?

    Is that a good man
    Walking down that street with that money in his hand
    Is that a good man?
    Why do U dog him
    If that was yo father, tell me, would U dog him then
    Would U dog him?

    Is that all your gold?
    Where did it come from? What did U have 2 do? (did U have 2 do)
    Can U sleep nights?
    Do U dream straight up or do U dream in W's?

    na na na na na na, so slow

    Can a boy who drops out at school
    At 13 years of age
    Answer the 2 of life and death
    When it slaps him in the face?
    Who's 2 blame when he's got no place 2 go
    And all he's got is the sense 2 know
    That a life of crime'll help him beat U in the race
    Help him beat U in the race (Help him beat U in the race)

    na na na na na na, so slow (na na na na na na, so slow)

    Wave your hands 4 positivity y'all!
    All the boys and all the girls (All the boys and all the girls)
    U R the new kings of the world!
    Shall the court sing together

    "In every man's life there will be a hang-up
    A whirlwind designed 2 slow U down
    It cuts like a knife and tries 2 get in U
    This Spooky Electric sound
    Give up if U want 2 and all is lost
    Spooky Electric will be your boss"

    Call People magazine, Rolling Stone
    Call your next of kin, cuz your ass is gone
    He's got a 57 mag with the price tag still on the side
    Cuzzin' when Spooky say dead, U better say died
    Or U can fly high right by Spooky and all that he crawls 4
    Spooky and all that he crawls 4

    Don't kiss the beast
    We need love & honesty, peace & harmony
    Love & honesty, peace & harmony
    I said, hold on 2 your soul, U got a long way 2 go

    sho' nuff, sho' nuff, sho' nuff

    Don't kiss the beast
    Be superior at least

    Hold on 2 your soul, y'all, court, sing
    Hold on 2 your soul, we got a long way 2 go
    Hold on 2 your soul

  5. natjanoff

    AMEN Mr. Rosenwinkel !


  6. Lasse S


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  7. Thiago

    Oh, man. This is such a key word for me. Wherever we put it, it fits.
    I think positivity is a matter of choice that we make or not. It`s a choice we make in our way of looking straight and honestly inside and outside, and it reflects in everything: our relationships, personal growth and of course our music.

  8. InWalked

    Girls in their summer dresses and barbecues...YES!

    Contact us
  9. Redbeard

    Happy International Jazz Day.

  10. Alvin

    first thing that pops into my mind... :)

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  11. animitta

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