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    Hi everybody,

    I was reading Leo Babauta's blog where he discusses motivation and basically said that one of the best way to keep motivated is to have some sort of (good) public pressure. He recommends using online forum to talk about what you wanna accomplish, what you did etc... He gave the examples of losing weight.
    Well I thought "is there any forum where musicians have some a blog or part of a forum dedicated to that?" Like sharing your goals and keep a daily report of what you practice etc...
    The best thing would be a jazz forum but any forum might work.

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  2. JorgeRubiales

    I know of one, but it's a spanish-talking forum.

    Anyway, for the purpose of motivation, a blog serves the same purpose. The forum members usually don't check the other members' diaries, and the few ones that do, would visit an independent blog with your diary anyway.

    So, my advice is to open a blog and start writing! I know I will do it myself, thanks for the idea ;)

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    Hey Jorge,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I'm interested to have a blog for that matter. But I like to have some public pressure so do you wanna start this blog? I could yours and you could read mine?
    I'm still looking for some online forum where that may already happen...

    Let me know when you're starting yours.

    I'll be off for 3 weeks of vacation next week without internet, so I might start when I'll be back.

  4. JorgeRubiales

    I'm still putting together my new practice routine, but in the meantime you could check the allaboutjazz forum. Lots of people, and you may open a thread there with your routine. Anyway, check that forum if you don't know it, lots of valuable information there and a big name of two are usually there (vic juris for one).


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