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practising completely improvising

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  1. Matt

    i'm curious how one can develop their ability to completely improvise - not single note, or within the format of a structured tune, but i mean improvising form, melody, harmony, and what not... i can't think of any specific artists off the top of my head, but i know many musicians are able to improvise complete songs with solos and everything, so any pointers on where to start with this?

  2. jazznan

    I do this regularly as part of my daily desire to make music (and I'm not saying it's always good, but it feels good and I think it's vital to my desire to make and communicate).
    It could end up being simple or more complex, two chords or more etc...You might use existing forms of music like the blues or just move to random chords or intervals rules here.
    Listen to and read the liner notes for Keith Jarrett's "Inside Out" album, this has really great examples of how you can totally improvise but still end up using common forms or language, like the blues or bebop (also is solo piano stuff, obviously!)

    I think some of the important aspects of doing this are to be a good listener, conviction and trust that you can.

    I see this all the time with classical musicians who can't improvise. They have all the technique etc...but what's holding them back?

    They don't trust their instincts, are afraid of what might or might not happen, have too many preconceptions and are often afraid of what others might think etc...

  3. jbear

    Honestly...I am way better at that than I am at structured stuff. I wish I was stronger in the other direction. I think we're all just wired a bit differently.

  4. david6strings

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