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  1. Hey guys,

    Just put up a preview track on Soundcloud of one of my compositions from my upcoming Quartet album. It's certainly not a final mix, but it's getting close (doing it all myself, tracked everything at a nice studio in Louisville and mixing at home in Logic). It would be awesome if you guys could give some feedback on the mix or even the tune itself; things you think could help its presentation on the album!

    Here it is! Thanks!


  2. jazznan

    Sounds cool. I did immediately think of Aaron Parks Invisible Cinema, which is a good reference point-I think it's one of the greatest albums of the last decade.
    I did think the guitar, on my speakers at least, was a bit low in the mix during the main theme. Dug the drum beat, super-sweet. When the piano solo started it was just perfect in the mix. Nice work!

    Dug it

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. Thanks man! I really appreciate that. Invisible Cinema was a big inspiration for this whole project, and I was going for that "sound" in terms of how everything was recorded, so it's really cool that you said that right away! :D I'll make sure to make that note about the mix and change it up when I get back to mixing in a few days!

    Thanks again! :D

  4. Matt

    definitely into the groove and the harmony, the atmosphere and all, thought the piano could maybe lay down more behind the melody and give it a bit more body. the break-down part was tight, liked the guitar behind the piano solo.

    nice shit man, it's set out on sept 1, where can we order it from then?

  5. Thanks man! I appreciate the input! It will be out (hopefully) on September 1 in time for my working quartet's short tour, and I will have it up on bandcamp, iTunes, and my website. I'll be sure to let everyone know! By the way, do I recall you saying you're from the NKY/Cincinnati area? I just moved to Cincinnati myself from Louisville (wife is going to be doing a Master's at CCM)!

    Contact us
  6. Barry Mando

    Hey Brandon,

    Sounds great! I look forward to hearing this live!

  7. Matt

    Brandon- yes, i am from cincy, i am attending McGill university (in montreal) this fall semester for jazz guitar. i was actually in the high school all-state jazz bands for four years and recall hearing you play in the intercollegiate ensembles a few times, plus hearing your name around the Louisville cats...definitely sounding good man!

    i dunno what to tell you about the scene in cincy other than that my experience with the CCM faculty was always great... they're friendly and, of course, great. hope you enjoy your time here! check out the indian restaurants, they don't get much better than in cincy.

  8. Thanks Danny! You will for sure!

    And Matt, that is awesome news! Congrats on McGill, that is a great school! Thanks again man! I am looking forward to checking out Cincinnati, and I'll still be playing around the Louisville and Lexington scenes as well. Looks like there are a lot of cool places to play, and a lot of jazz clubs I noticed while I was exploring that I didn't even know existed! I've played the Blue Wisp a bunch bunch I never knew about places like The Greenwich and Schwartz' Point. And I will definitely mack on some Indian food! Can't get enough chicken tandoori!

    Hit me up on Facebook, Matt, and if you're even back in town we can get together and play!

  9. Matt

    well, i'm going to mcgill as an undergrad, so i've definitely gotta lot to get together before i can really hang but man i'd love to play!


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