problems combining reverb and delay.

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  1. balowski


    I´m trying to play with a nanover Reverb and my delay, a dd-3. But the problem is that when I turn on de delay it doesn´t sound clear with the reverb. The sound its like a lot of reverb with a estrange echo at the end.

    Any solution?.


  2. Poparad

    I only use reverb when I'm not using my delay.

  3. Kapteinar

    Yeah, me too.
    Reverb is great for rythm, jazz lines and so on. Delay is great for leads to build a climax and stuff.
    But the two don't mix as well as you would think. Try using one of them at a time, I think you will see that it is enough :)

    Less is more!

  4. Routing? Mix settings? Using FX Loop? Serial or Parallel?
    Kurt himself uses reverb and even two delays simultaneously.
    I believe that you have to imagine the sound you want and think for a while not only the kind and colour of the effects but the order in the chain and the mix of "dry" and wet signal you need in each step. It's not the same a reverbered delay or a delayed reverb.
    Of course playing bebop lines with long feedbacked delays and heavy reverbs may sound awful.
    :-) One of my favorite words applied to music is "Subtle"

  5. balowski


    thanks for the answers... but how can use one of them at a time.I mean, the nanoverb is not a pedal...Maybe with a pedal loop similar like kurt uses, I could chose reverb or delay...I don´t know.

    Ibanx, Im sorry but I don´t understand , the order of a chain and the mix of dry....


  6. Kapteinar

    It all depends on the amount and the routing of the effects.

    Your dry signal is the signal that comes from your guitar. The wet signal is the signal that has been processed by the effects you are using. If you use effectsloops that allows you to blend the dry and wet signal, you can control mix between the signals to hit the sweet spot with enough articulation to hear what's being played, and with enough reverb, delay, chorus or whatever to express yourself the way you want.

    Kurt uses a lot of lehle products, and the Xotic X blender

    Check this out:

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