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  1. I was wondering if anyone else had problems viewing and posting responses.Maybe it's only me but I have not been able to view or respond to some of the posts I made recently...

  2. animitta

    Use Ctrl+F5, Luke!Maybe some bad caching problems with some browsers.

    All the Best

  3. aramaya

    I have had this problem too. If you renew the page while on it, it updates all the content.
    I was wondering if this was a site issue, or something to do with my browser (Safari).

  4. Ahhh...there we go...thank you!

  5. docbop

    Safari and Chrome both have issues with the site because they both use Webkit as their browser engine.

  6. Mozilla also has issues...

  7. docbop

    could be ssl certificate issue, out of date or self generated.


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