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  1. bgil89


    Is it likely that the record stores we listed on the surveys a couple weeks back will carry the album on or at least near the release date? Whenever possible, I like to support the artist and my local ind. record store at the same time.



  2. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your message. We will attempt to reach out to some select record stores around the country, and appreciate your sentiment in wanting to support them. They are important members of our music community. If any of you think you know someone who wants to carry Kurt Rosenwinkel's Wommusic titles, then please have them email us at [email protected]

    In the meantime we've made the album available for pre-order here: http://www.wommusic.com/shop/products.php?product=Kurt-Rosenwinkel-%252d-Star-of-Jupiter-%282cd-set%29-%252d-PRE%252dORDER

    Thanks again!

    Contact us
  3. guitarmo

    It would be wonderful if there was some kind of 'bundle package' that we could purchase instead of just the CD. I would pay a premium for a poster of the CD Artwork, extended liner notes, additional photos, additional tracks, coffee mugs, etc... Any chance of this happening... Ever? TBH I don't buy CD's anymore, but I would purchase a KR bundle in a heartbeat.

  4. mitch_33

    I think a bundle of some sort would be a great idea. I dont know how many people are into vinyl, but i like to collect it. Its nice to have something physical, plus most vinyl coming out these days includes a digital download of the album as well.

  5. arewolfe

    Order placed... haven't been this excited about a CD release in 10 years.

  6. sweetdeat

    Guitarmo is always thinking ahead....a visionary of sorts.

  7. bingefeller

    Can't wait to get this!

  8. thedwork

    Pre-ordered a few days ago. Looking forward to much fun listening :)

    This may have been discussed already on the forum so sorry if this is already covered elsewhere: Are Branford and Kurt going to record together? That would be great...

  9. JPMike

    Is the album going to be available as a digital download?

    Also, what Guitarmo said, I would pay for a bundle in a heartbeat too.

  10. bingefeller

    JPMike - I looked on iTunes but it's not available there......hopefully it will be on iTunes nearer the release date.

  11. patfarlow

    @wommusic Can you throw a preview song up to stoke the masses?

  12. animitta

    I have pre-ordered my copy of Star of Jupiter and you can't believe how excited i am about the delivering of the cd : )
    Do you think i will receive it before 13 of November, considering that i live in Italy and i did the order on the 1 of November?

    @kurt - a little joking but if possible i will be really glad:
    will you sign my copy? I am one of the winner of the amazing "grappa contest" that we had last time in Tuscia 2011. Actually i am the only one who got the grappa-prize directly from you inside the bar of the square of Soriano. Do you remember? If so, sign my copy, please : )

    This is my order detail
    Wommusic WebStore - Order #2595

    Go on with the great music as always!

    All the Best

  13. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hello Animitta,

    Thank you for reaching out AND for your pre-order! Unfortunately Kurt won't be able to sign the cd's - they are being shipped out of New Jersey here in the US, and he is currently in Berlin. Also, they are shrinkwrapped in plastic, and Kurt wouldn't be able to sign it without opening it, in which case you wouldn't get a completely "unopened" copy although it would still be new. But I know he'll be happy to sign it, of course, at a live show...or next summer in Tuscia! ;-)

  14. animitta

    @wommusic and @kurt

    I don't care about an unopened copy, sign the plastic if you can't open :)...i understand but i tried...maybe next cd release i need to suggest to Kurt to sign some copies and later make some kind of lottery on this forum to win the "holy signed copy" ;)

    Anyway, as i wrote, i was some kind of joking in my previous post, it's ok for me. Signed or not, i just want to have the privilege "to experience" some more fresh Kurt's music. And i know it would be great!

    Thank you Kurt, thank you wommusic. See you soon next...Alla prossima ;)

    Peace and Love to all Brothers :)

    All the Best

  15. Quintricacy

    Any chance of some preview tracks?

  16. JPMike

    So will it be available on iTunes?

  17. patfarlow

    They've already sent the CD out to be reviewed, im surprised it hasn't leaked yet.

  18. wommusic
    Key Master

    Yes the album will be on iTunes worldwide! Preview tracks will be available in the next few days. :-)

  19. wommusic
    Key Master

    Previews are now available here: http://www.kurtrosenwinkel.com/archives/2662

  20. arewolfe

    Oh wow. Tempted to give a listen, but I am going to wait until the CD arrives so I can absorb the entire experience. So excited for this record.

  21. gleepglop

    I don't know if there is enough interest, but I think a vinyl option would be great.


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