Quartet in Berlin

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  1. mikelorenz

    Did anyone get to check out the shows with "the Next Step" band in Berlin? Curious to hear what music was played and how the shows went...thanks!

  2. Hi, I was there for the first night! There were just great, they played tunes from The Next Step album!!!
    I can't say but great!!!!! Kurt played the D'Angelico and the Moffa (the archtop one) guitars, MORE THAN 2 HOURS OF SUPERB PLAYING FROM EVERY ONE OF THEM.
    I went there on purpose from Italy!!:-)

  3. Alvin


    I got to see the first night too.
    They played songs from the next step album plus a few from the enemies of energy and deep song. Included were some brainboners like filters, gesture, cubism...
    It was the first time for me to see any of those guys live and I must say the boys are in shape! The vibe was really there and they played two long sets, so it was worth every euro spent :)

    So my biggest thanks to the whole gang from me and my wife!

    All the best


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