question about two of Kurt's effects and pedals

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  1. DGP

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm wondering if anyone could hip me to a certain pedal/effect I heard Kurt use over "Spirit Kiss" at the Village Vanguard this past week. It takes every note he strikes and harmonizes that tone with a higher one -- when I heard Kurt use it, it harmonized his playing with either a fifth an octave higher, or some other interval (I think it was an octave or something close, but I can't remember).

    Also, there is another he used on "Bass Place" that would allow him to form and sustain a chord constantly so that he could then play over it. Any ideas?

    I'm a complete gear neophyte, so any input would be greatly appreciated.



  2. JorgeRubiales

    I don't know about the first one, but the second seems to be the hold function on the electro harmonix hog, and they released this function on a separate pedal, so good news for you!

  3. It's all in the EHX HOG. The expression pedal does it all. Check out how-to videos on youtube that show how it works.
    The replicated pitch was the octave+5th. Great stuff.

    Something interesting I found @ that show was that he had the hog running alone into the clean channel on the amp, separate and parallel to the entire rest of his pedals. He split the signal with one of his Lehle-parallel-signal-mixing-pedal things.


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