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  1. Din

    I've never quite understood some things about how Kurt used the alternate tuning for Zhivago among other songs:
    In the record, did he played the solos with the alternate tuning?
    When he plays Zhivago for example live, he plays it with the alternate tuning?

    In Zhivago, you can hear that Jeff and Kurt plays the same rhythm at 4:30... so my question is, was that just magic happening or what? haha

    Thanks a lot!

  2. jbroad

    kurt used the alternate tuning on the entire "zhivago" track on the cd. i believe kurt used the alternate tuning for the song live around the time that "the next step" was released but i've also seen kurt live recently (within the last 4-5 years) where the band performed "zhivago" and he was in standard tuning

  3. Din

    But how did he managed to play such a great solo in alternate tuning? that's awesome...

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  4. jbroad

    he practiced :)

  5. senggedorje

    Could someone please tell us (me) how Kurt's guitar was tuned for Zhivago? I've tried to play a few bits and have always felt like I was almost there but not quite. This would seriously explain the problem, other than me being a dyed in the wool amateur.

  6. JoeOsoDopke

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    In regards to what his guitar was tuned to for Zhivago.

  7. jorgemg1984

    I think the OJM record version is already in standard tuning.


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