Question for anyone that had SKYPE lesson with a Jazzcat!

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  1. mackan

    Best people!

    I would like to ask you guys about having single lessons using SKYPE.
    For example if you you had 1 hour, with one of your favorite players.
    Besides preparing the questions for the lesson, how did you prepare yourself for the lesson (also like recording the lesson, write down and dealing with a lot of information during the lesson etc.) How did you solve these things?
    Skype can be a tricky thing to deal with sometimes, on the same time be able to take advantage of the
    the hour could be hard during this circumstances.
    What are your experience of having a lesson using SKYPE? Any tips, experience?

    All the best to you!

  2. smoke

    I have had a few lessons w/ some of the big dogs - Oz Noy, Nir Felder, Byran Baker. For each of them, I told them exactly what I wanted to talk about when scheduling the lesson. I also made a set of notes/questions in case I got distracted during the lesson.

    For Baker, he records the lesson video and sends it to you. I also took notes and recorded the audio. For Nir, he sends PDF's of the stuff you talked about. I also took lots of notes during the lesson. For Oz, I just took a lot of notes.

    I played a bit for all of them but didn't send anything in advance. Somewhat related, I took correspondence lessons from Chris Crocco and did have to send full recordings before he accepted me as a student. The lessons were built around what he heard in my playing.

    My experience has been really great. There were some freezing issues w/ Oz but I was using an older laptop at the time (2009). I had no issues w/ Nir and Baker. All of the guys were really open, cool as hell, and a lot of fun to talk with. They all played a lot while explaining the various things we talked about.

    So my suggestion would be to think about specifically what you want to talk about - something in their playing that interests you - and focus on that. Treat them like a masterclass and think hard about what you want to talk about before going into it. It is easy to get distracted.

    That is my take. I actually became friends with Baker and Nir as a result of these lessons. Oz invited me to hang when I come to NY. They were all great guys in addition to being some of the best players alive.

    So yeah, I am a big fan of skype lessons w/ guys I admire.


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