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  1. lucapusch

    One question I carry along with me for a long time now is about being able to hear and sing everything you would play on your instrument.
    Like you, I sing along to everything I play on the guitar. And it´s great because I really feel like my inner voice helps me to get deep into the music and creates musical ideas that seem to be much more natural than before. But at my stage it´s more like "I sing what I play" than "I play what I sing". Still I´m very much controlled by things that I have more in my fingers than in my ears.
    So what I work on now is to synchronize my fingers with my ears.
    Let´s say I improvise over a tune which I really have checked out and hear. And at first I improvise with my instrument, later just singing, without the guitar. In both situations I can be musical and create a more or less good solo. But if I record it and compare the two solos it´s really two different worlds. Just singing I sound much more "traditional", more controlled though. But I ask myself the question, how honest am I to myself when I play things that don´t come out of my inner voice, more out of trained finger mechanics?

    I suppose it´s a thing you work on for your whole life, but your thoughts on this topic and ways you (and all the other members in this forum) worked on that issue would really interest me.

    Thank You!


  2. Gesture

    Interesting topic.

    I sometimes hear really cool music in my head when I'm away from the guitar, and what I play when i'm playing jazz barely sounds like it. (especially at the beginning but i have improved over the years)
    But I think the stuff that you hear and the stuff that you play on the instrument will kind of "integrate" as you get more experienced. As you gain more vocabulary you will eventually hear that vocabulary in your head.
    I wouldn't worry about it too much and just keep practicing your stuff, cause as a result your ear and playing will integrate more naturally.
    Ofcourse whenever you hear something cool in your head, even if you don't have an instrument, sing it/play it/write it down or whatever. So that you develop your personal vocabulary..

    Also when you play over a standard purely by ear, without thinking about changes or fretboard mechanics, there's probably things you hear but can't play as the result of barriers. Such as: maybe you don't know the chords/scales well enough or your technique doesn't allow it. So if you just keep practicing it will come more naturally i guess.

    Just my view on it, although i've only been playing jazz for a couple of years.

  3. A really great drummer once told me that instead of trying to play what you hear in your head know how what you are about to play will sound with what is happening.

    In other words---you really can't play what is in your head in time ---there is always some sort of lag. So focus on hearing what you want to play in the context as it unfolds.

    In reading this back I'm not sure if it makes much sense ---my friend had a more eloquent way of saying it.

  4. ... It reminds me of the time travel bit Kurt mentioned in a recent interview ( maybe ).

  5. Do you have a copy of that interview? I would like to check it out

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