Question For Kurt - Best Locations/Schools for young Musicians

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  1. Basile865

    Hello Kurt and everyone,

    I am a young guitarist who's looking to make a career as a musician (like so many of us) and wanted to know what you feel about location in regards to getting the best education and experience. I am 24, got a degree in Marketing mainly to have a "safety net" if making a career in music didn't work out (ha ha). Little did I know the economy would crash and finding a job atleast in North Carolina would be REALLY tough. Music is my life and passion, I've been playing for 16 years - although I've only just begun to study jazz players. I mainly came from the Hendrix/SRV side of things but you're playing, story, and writing is hugely inspiring to me. In North Carolina I find that the scene is mostly comprised of Gospel Music and Cover Bands. I've spent a while on the gospel scene, and learned a lot through it, the cover band thing is not for me, and now Jazz is my goal. I want to be able to be a Musician, and not just a guitarist.

    The question posed to you, and anyone else who has input, should I pack my bags and go to Philly/NYC? Or study at Berkelee? I want to be among other people like myself who are really hungry, dedicated, professional, and demand excellence from themselves. On one hand I'm a bit scared to take out big loans to do the Berkelee thing, especially considering I might come out on the other side majorly in debt and no way to pay it off. On the other hand I'm desperate to be among great musicians, to be able to go out and get my ass kicked and learn like crazy.

    I posed the same question to Tal Wilkenfeld on twitter - her response was that she felt it doesn't matter where you live to get your name and music out there, but she also said that NYC has some of the best jazz clubs to get out and learn from others. I trust it does, but half of me feels she would've never gotten known and find opportunities to play with Jeff Beck, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Frank Gambale - etc etc if she just stayed in her home town in Australia.

    Sorry this post is getting a little long. Any advice for basically a young unexperienced guy is greatly appreciated. Thats open for anybody who wants to respond (even if its music to check out, ideas to work on, etc. I'm really grateful for any help) Oh and a little shoutout to my buddy Carl Morner. He's the one who turned me onto Kurt Rosenwinkel Music!!! He lives in Berlin and apparently had a lesson with you once. Everybody check Carl Morner if you're unfamiliar with him.

    Here is where my playing/style is currently at (I know I've got a long way to go but I'm hungry as ever)

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Flash Videos

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Flash Videos

    Thank you for the music Kurt, you're an inspiration, and thanks for having a forum like this for the musicians community!


  2. kurtisrosenwinkel

    Hi, reading your post it sounds like New York is the place you want to go...


  3. Basile865

    Hey Kurt Thankyou for the response. I've got a buddy who lives in Brooklyn so when I get some money together the trip will be made. I don't know if you'll review this post but if you do, any places in particular that I should check out? Anyway, thanks again!


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  4. Dude, do your own research and stop bugging Kurt Rosenwinkel

    ...Kurt's a nice guy who will answer your questions but seriously, do a google search, you'll find sites like these

    Hmm, after reading that it sounds a bit harsh, not trying to be mean, just making a point.

  5. Basile865

    Ok. Do a search for your own hometown. Chances are theres going to be places on that list that are a complete waste of time, possibly out of business, OR some of the better spots aren't on a list. Its that way when I google my hometown. If you're from a scene you know where to go and where not to, thats all. Keep in mind I'm only going to get to visit for maybe 2 weeks at first. Just trying to make the most of my time.

  6. Colonel Trane

    I'm at Berklee as I'm writing this. It has what your looking for but it is really expensive. If you can't take on that debt you should go to new york but this place will make you good fast if you hang around the right people and put in the time and actually do what you come here for.

  7. Matt

    Out of curioustiy, how much does one practice daily at berklee?

  8. Colonel Trane

    depends on who one is. That's why I haven't been to this board is cause I've been busy. I practice with guitar around 2 and a half to 3 hours a day but keep in mind I'm studying music pretty much all day as well as just being completely immersed. Like I said though it really depends who you are and who you surround yourself with because some people are different, those are the ones that will be gone and not cause they got a job.

  9. Basile865

    Sounds Fantastic Colonel. Theoretically it seems like we all could learn tons just off youtube but its being immersed in the community of other musicians of that caliber than I really want. Thanks for the input man


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