Question for Kurt on Attack/Decay use for JLCO shows

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  1. lordofuo

    Kurt, or anyone who knows already,

    I noticed you had some heavy attack swelling effect on your signal for the JLCO shows. I was wondering if you were using the Malekko A.D. or the EH HOG for the effect?

    I appreciate it!

  2. kurtisrosenwinkel

    pigs can fly

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  3. Nathan078

    much knowdlege. such amaze. very pig. wow.

  4. lordofuo

    Appreciate it, Kurt!

  5. lordofuo

    Just an update, I just won an auction on eBay for an original EHX HOG with footswitch and expression pedal. Because of you, Kurt! Haha. Excited to learn how to use it.

  6. lordofuo

    Sorry to double, post. But now I have a question to anyone with experience with the HOG/HOG2.

    I took a look at a picture of Kurt's board during the JCLO rehearsals and noticed it was a HOG2. I'm going to primarily use this for the freeze function and the attack/decay. Does the HOG 1 do this worse than the HOG 2? I also really like the "flute" type sound he gets with it. I'm assuming its a combination of 1+ octave and the attack/decay stuff. I'm not too worried about lack of 99 presets or octaved chords or whatever, but I do care about the freeze function and the attack decay abilities.

    Thanks again



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