Question to Kurt - Dealing with tension

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  1. johan


    I would really like to know how you deal with physical tension while performing (and practicing), in for example situations that might be a bit "pressured". Say if you are doing a gig with a lot of good players, or the gig is extra important to you or something like that.

    1. If you notice yourself getting tensed, how do you deal with that? Do you create some form of mental image or focus on your breathing or?
    2. Is tension something you have worked on to minimize, or has it never been a problem for you?

    I am asking because I have realized lately how important it is to stay relaxed for technical reasons, and for opening up the flow of ideas, and it would be really interesting to hear your experience with this.


    P.S. Thanks for all the inspiration! D.S.

  2. Matt

    Yeah, i am not kurt, obviously, but i have this problem sometimes, or rather a lot. i made a thread on right arm tension that has some good info in it.

  3. arewolfe

    Hi Johan, again I am not KR either, but I think the more you perform, the more it becomes a natural thing. My guess is that someone like KR (who has been performing for 20-30 years) doesn't have many issues with tenseness or nervousness at this point- just a guess though.


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