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  1. silverwater

    Damn Jorge, that's pretty cool. Drive and feedback stomp switches, Clipping knob, switch back and forth from the Ruetz mod, Evil Mickey painted on the front...If the sound is there I'd say that's better than an original RAT! 100 Euros huh? Sounds like a bargain.

    While the distortion pedal thread is open again, I'd like to rave about the Xotic AC+ I got last month. Fantastic tone, and it's easily the most versatile distortion pedal I've ever had. It's basically two distortion pedals in one, one channel is a boost and the other a face melter. EQ knobs, boost buttons for both drive channels, and a button to change the order of the channels in the signal chain (this a pretty sweet option, interestingly enough I've been preferring facemelt before boost).

    For gigs where there's no room to stand to begin with, it's nice being able to bring one pedal to a gig and get any kind of sound needed.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. jorgemg1984

    Yeah it really was a bargain for all the mods it has - and he said he only used top notch components. It sounds so good, I am really happy! :) I really ordered the RC Booster and Tube Screamer with all mods in only one box - 200€ :)

    I only heard good things about Xotic stuff, Kurt used the AC for a while when he was having issues with hitting the RAT too hard with the SD 59 but when he started using Lehles mixers for all his pedals he returned to the RAT. My TS / RC will also have an option to switch the order and I actually want it to be Overdirve first and Boost after. Having the boost last in your chain is great because you can EQ the final signal and you don't need a Tube Screamer to be driving hard, it's already doing that :) My goal is exactly to boost the whole signal so i don't need to put my amps too loud and compressed.



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