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  1. cruxtable

    I was reading some old posts about it, and since I'm planning on applying to some schools in the fall for my master's degree I thought I'd see if anyone who was talking about it followed through and applied there, or anyone on this forum ended up going there, and what their experience was with the application/audition etc. just thinking about it at the moment and I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with it

  2. LeonardoB

    I applied for this winter's semester, but I wasn't selected for the auditions.

    In order to apply you have to record at least 2 standards showing your impro skills and playing the head, plus you can also record an original composition. On the website you can find the application form with a list of all necessary documents to be sent, like your school degree and a document copy etc..

    My pianist friend was invited to the auditions though, so he's among 10-15 (I think) pianists that will have to undergo the practical session in Berlin in June. He was sent a letter where they told him what the audition's gonna be about: 2/3 standards chosen by the student to play with a rhythmic section of school students, a classical piece (this only for pianists), a transcription of a solo to play over the CD and some sight reading. In the same day, after this first "playing" session, only some of the applicants will proceed to the theory part with harmony/music theory/ear training tests.
    At the end of the day, depending on how many students the school can admit (usually not more than 1/2 for guitar) they will tell you if you have been accepted or not.

    The applicants are usually all fine musicians, so it's very hard to get in.

  3. LeonardoB

    I'm sorry, I didn't read you wanted to apply for the Master course. I applied for the Bachelor of Music, hence the procedure for the Master applicants might be different.


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