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  1. cruxtable

    i'm working on improving my sight reading, i'm already working with things like classical etudes, playing through the modern guitar method books, but i want to add some stuff more like the music i want to get better at reading - jazz contexts such as big band music, modern compositions of others, modern 8th note lines, tricky rhythmic music...any suggestions of materials to work from?

  2. patfarlow

    ever tried the jimmy wyble etudes?

  3. cruxtable

    nope, but that will be useful for doublestops and such, thanks.

  4. M.L-13

    the charlie parker omnibook is great for reading.chas colin publications has a couple of books.i have one called develop sight reading by gaston dufresne it was recommended to me by billy harper and also advanced rhythms by allard i don t remember his first name right now.the second one is really has changes placed in different places and tricky syncopated you can work on both reading changes and single lines that are closer to the "jazz" idiom.a guy i know said that joe lovano once talked to him about that book but i cant say for sure because i wash t there.hope this helps

  5. jorgemg1984

    Just for reading notes Galbraith books are very good but they are all 8th notes, so you will not improve rhythm reading...

  6. arewolfe

    Yeah, the Omnibook. I've been using that one for 8 years.

    It's tough to find rhythmic stuff like big band charts but I'm sure if you seek them out you will eventually find some. Being in a big band is probably the best way to get access to that stuff. I have a book with almost 1,000 charts in it... that's the only way I was able to get a hold of that type of material.



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