Real electronic jazz?

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  1. JorgeRubiales

    Hi everybody!

    Inspired by Kurt's Heartcore, and not having an stable line-up on my band, I've decided to go the electronic route with just keyboards and guitar as real instruments. However, aside from Kurt, everything I search with the term "electronic" attached to it, seems just a bunch of corny backing tracks, or worse, a DJ-sort-of-thing.

    The only other band that I found interesting (though heavier than what I would play, but interesting anyway) is Sayag Jazz Machine (plenty of them on youtube).

    Any of you know any interesting electronic jazz band?

  2. Poparad

    A friend of mine from NYC has a great album he did a year or two ago. Check out "Current" by Jack Broad.

  3. I'd recommend these: (All from Spain); Andreau Zaragosa ''Wide Songs'', Triphasic and Slaughterhouse 3 with Llibert Fortuny and Gary Willis.

  4. Matt

    i don't know much about this guy, but he's a DJ. really, to me, this very much jazz. really cool beats.

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    i think DJ Shadow is another guy who's instrumental samples are very jazzy. but i am very open-eared, i guess.

  5. Barry Mando

    I would recommend Jaga Jazzist.

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    My group the Barry Mando Project incorporates some drum and bass. The D&B feel is really starting to take off in modern jazz these days.

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  6. JorgeRubiales

    Hey barry, +1 to jaga jazzist. Actually I remember a friend talked me about them about 6 years ago, but I forgot to check them...

    Nice band you have there too, though I first thought you were some kind of giant (that was before I noticed you were playing a mando, not an electric guitar lol).

  7. Barry Mando

    Thanks Jorge! Actually I am a giant! hehe...


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