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  1. kurtisrosenwinkel

    hi everyone,
    i would like to extend a greeting to everyone on the Forum, and inaugurate a reboot that i think is past due. I used to be proud of the old forum, that got so big it even attracted the attention of the Russian mafia, and we had to shut it down and reconfigure. Now iI think somewhat due to my lack of presence on here, and other reasons or -not-reasons- just life waves and movements, this site has kind of fallen into the tumbleweeds, compared to the bustling jazz guitar mecca it once was ;)
    The Internet is a tricky place- not like real life. But it has its benefits and this forum is the right kind of thing. Soooo, in a word- heres a REBOOT and I wish you all well, and thanks for the presence and support.


  2. Gia5

    Yes, this forum IS the right thing to do. I still watch it on a daily basis, always looking for some interesting stuff and discussions.
    A little more of your presence here would be a greater pleasure for us (after all we're here because we are your fans!) and surely could be an encouragement for more interaction.
    Thank you.

  3. fakejake

    Hey Kurt,
    How about we use this opportunity and do one of those quick Q+A threads? You havn't been doing one in quite a while.

    I'd be curious about the old Yamaha you've been playing recently. What in particular do you like about it? I tried one and they weigh an ton.
    Also, whats with the new solidbody that Nico Moffa is making for you? Did you design it yourself?


  4. JPMike

    Hey Kurt,

    I wish you being well so you keep on givings all this great music and thank you for the inspiration, motivation and the knowledge you share with us. You can't be on here all the time, you are a busy man, you got your kids, your private life, live gigs around the globe, you got other more important things to do. So for me it's enough that you come by once in a while and post something or answer some of our questions. I just wish you came and played often by my city and did some masterclasses or clinics here. It's been 2 years since the last time I saw you live and you answered my stupid question on that clinic that day.

    Thanks again for everything!

    P.S @fakejake New Moffa solidbody? That sounds interesting, I am still waiting for my Lorraine to be made.

  5. mitch_33

    Hey kurt!

    I think it's awesome that you post every now and then, considering how busy you are. I'm sure a lot of the peoe that post here check this site daily, just isn't a whole lot of traffic. Care to explain your rig in this picture? Lovin the guitar btw.

  6. Gesture

    Hey Kurt! I still check out the forum every day or two, and even though it's still fun I agree that it could use a little injection!

    Any news on the new (solo) album?

    All the best.

  7. contremisart

    Hey Kurt. The website didn't work here for a very long time, but now it seems fixed.
    Your solo performance in Istanbul was amazing by the way. I have never seen people in Babylon that quiet:)
    Had some great moments, hope you enjoyed it too

  8. Chris

    Hey Kurt,

    When is your live album from the Jazz Standard in 2012 going to be released. I hope Some Other Blues makes the record, that was a killing set.

    Hope all is well

  9. fakejake

    BUMP! Would be really nice to see more discussions again on playing, practicing, gear, new players, video performances by members, plus the occaional visit by Kurt!!!
    Who is with me?!

  10. jezeline


  11. mrzzajjazz

    I'm with you!


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